Impeachment as Sports talk radio, Sox don’t Bug me , WNBA Who cares, Pats over Chiefs? Great Finish in DC under the Fedora

Watching all the impeachment talk from the MSM is an awful lot like listening to sports talk radio. It’s all about getting people riled up over nothing and the opinions expressed have nothing to do with the actual reality on the field. Or to put it another way, the media/left are like the radio talk show hosts whose primary purpose is to draw an audience to the station, Trump’s team is all about winning the actual game.

Speaking of sports talk radio, Everyone on it keeps going on about how the Red Sox are in trouble and how the signings of Sale, Eovaldi and Price will destroy us next year. I’m sorry but not only are the odds of all three of them getting hurt again rather small but frankly we’ve already won two World Series THIS DECADE! Tell this tale of woe to the kids who were born after 1995 and never knew the days of the curse as I did for 30+ years. Don’t expect me to get angry after two decades of glory.

Noticed that there is some trouble over the use of racial epithets concerning a WNBA playoff game. Actually I didn’t notice it but ESPN for some reason during lunch on thursday was talking about it. They also were lamenting that the WNBA gets less pay etc…

Tell you what WNBA when you start filling stadiums and cause people to be actually interested in the product you produce instead of being a wholly subsidized woke component of the NBA meant to keep SJW’s happy then you can start whining about money. Frankly I wouldn’t have even noticed your issues if it hadn’t been forced on me.

Was looking at the NFL power ranking and noticed that the Patriots are still ranked above the chiefs.

Not withstanding the great performance of the Pat’s defense, given the performance of New England’s offense vs the Chief’s coming back to win I’d a little shocked. If the chiefs do that again I can’t see NE being ranked above them on the power ranking, particularly since the Patriots are playing one of the worst teams in the league this week.

Had a chance to watch the 8th inning of the Brewers vs Washington game on youtube (was working so couldn’t watch it live) A hit batsman, a broken bat blooper a walk and a misplayed single, all against one of the best relievers in the game turned a certain Brewers victory into a Washington triumph, but even so the Brew Crew had a chance to tie the game because in baseball you always get your shot.

Don’t tell me games where you kneel down to run out a clock, or pull a goal tender or throw the bench out there for garbage time are better than that.

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