Impeachment Strategy (UPDATE: Letter)

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by baldilocks

I heard that one of President Trump’s lawyers sent the House a letter which basically says “hell naw we ain’t playing your impeachment inquiry games.” I read only part of the letter, but it really must be spicy, because a lot of anti-Trump partisans are wailing about it.

When this whole thing started, someone on Twitter offered this as an exclusive photo of the anonymous “whistle-blower.”

I shared it and got a lot of laughs, but the thing is this: it is probable that Donald Trump set this soap opera into motion and did so on purpose. What follows is my theory on how it went down.

Last week, it was reported that Secretary of State Pompeo was sitting in on the call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Zelensky.

After the call – or maybe before – the president tells Pompeo to get one of the latter’s people to drop some bait about the call in the presence of the right person — someone who is likely to spill the beans to the Democratic Party honchos.

This gets done and thus is born the “whistle-blower,” who so is excited about it that she doesn’t bother with the whistle-blower procedure. Instead, she runs to Congress in order pass the bait along to the other fish — especially to Adam Schiff — and they, of course, swallow it. What about the change to the whistle-blower statute regarding first-hand information? Trump changed that.

Why would President Trump do this? Simple. He knows that the Democrats have been after him since he announced his candidacy; they pre-conjured a reason for his impeachment, for Heaven’s sake. Therefore, he is forcing an impeachment at the time of his choosing rather than theirs.

I don’t think the Democrats wanted to begin the procedure this long before the 2020 presidential election. Remember that Nancy Pelosi didn’t want this to happen right now; she comprehends strategy even if it’s a dim vestige of comprehension. But her caucus isn’t even that bright. They want Trump gone NOW and Pelosi had to do what they wanted.

And President Trump knew that this is how it would probably go.

So, voila! The impeachment inquiry was conjured, appeasing Pelosi’s idiot caucus, without messing up the intended timeline. She wants to file formal articles of impeachment months from now, hoping that the procedure will last until the time of the election, causing the president to lose. Therefore, it is in Donald Trump’s best interest to have them do it as soon as possible.

What the Democrats hope is this: that a goodly chunk of their supporters don’t know that an impeachment inquiry means jack squat and that the president is not required to participate in it.

It’s a good bet.

UPDATE: Here’s the full letter read aloud. It’s spicy alright. 

The wailers are wailing mostly about the language of the letter. It’s in plan, blunt English rather than in lawyer-ese. Probably dictated by the non-lawyer who sits in the Oval Office. Good.

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11 thoughts on “Impeachment Strategy (UPDATE: Letter)

  1. Hmmm. Seems a bit of a stretch. For one thing, I don’t think the president can change the whistleblower rules himself, and even if he could, how would he do it without it known that he was the one who did it? The IG was grilled about this already and was evasive. If it was Trump, I’m sure would have come out by now.

  2. This is a highly likely scenario, Juliet. Trump told NY Post’s Michael Goodwin that he’s enjoying the fight with the Democrats. The latter may think Trump is counterpunching, but, perhaps, for the first time, he’s punching with intent to achieve a knockout.

  3. Fascinating. Brilliant, if true. I have wondered why he didn’t pull the Midway Gambit like they did to crack code purple.

    And, more importantly, you set a fire break to stop a fire.

  4. Brilliant! My bet he also placed Hunter and Pelosi’s sons on the Ukrainian Energy Boards as a method to make us all believe the Democrats are on the take, helped AOC get elected and somehow made Schiff lie about meeting with the whistleblower.

  5. And we now have the precedent of releasing transcripts of presidential conversations with foreign leaders. I wonder if Barr may know of any conversations the prior administration had regarding the Steele dossier?

  6. It is interesting. It’s a good story, whether factual or not.Biden and democrats are dirtified. Hunter Biden,sitting next to the ex-president of Poland on a foreign energy boards seems dirty. The accusation of that dirt being protected by his executive level daddy rings well, if not perfectly. Pelosi’s attack makes it look like the Dems are acting to protect their favored son, Joe Sr., The Dirty. Holding back tax dollars given to Western Ukrainians involved in a civil war of their own doing rather than rebuild infrastructure at home doesn’t hurt Trump. It should have never been released as far as his base in concerned.

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