Dems Confirm my 2016 Religious Freedom Fears

Sheldon: (chasing him down the stairs) Leonard, Leonard, Leonard, Leonard, Leonard, Leonard, Leonard, Leonard, Leonard, Leonard, Leonard, Leonard, Leonard, Leonard, Leonard, Leonard, Leonard, Leonard, Leonard

Leonard: Yeah, what?

Sheldon: Amy Farrah Fowler has asked me to meet her mother.

Leonard: Yeah.

Sheldon: So? What does that mean?

Leonard: Well, you know how you’re always saying that Amy is a girl who’s your friend, and not your girlfriend?

Sheldon: Uh-huh.

Leonard: You can’t say that anymore

The Big Bang Theory: The Desperation Emanation 2010

Three years ago just after some soul searching and a reassurance from Fr. Frank Pavone that Donald Trump was pro-life I endorsed Mr. Trump just before the GOP convention. That endorsement contained these words:

I suspect I and a lot of the faithful will have to spend a lot of the next 8 years praying, fasting and begging God to help both our country and the world avoid this horrible fate but while spiritual steps to prevent these catastrophes are good and proper temporal steps must also be taken.

And the single best temporal step will be the election of Donald Trump and the breaking of the power of those Americans who have decided their fellow citizens are the enemy.

Again I don’t take this step lightly, I know that there will be times that Donald Trump will disappointment me just as I expected Mitt Romney to disappoint me on social issues and John McCain to disappoint me on immigration and George W Bush who disappointed me on spending and the bank bailouts.

But while Trump will occasionally disappoint me (when he does I’ll call him on it) I am convinced he will neither persecute me nor strip me of my rights for holding my Conservative Catholic beliefs and acting on them.

I am very sorry to say I can not make that same statement about Hillary Clinton, and I’m even sorrier to see the day when I would say this about a presidential candidate.

At the time I wrote these words I suspect a lot of people on the left, on the right, and in the media would have called my fears over religious freedom over the top.

Not anymore

on Thursday, former Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas) said he would strip tax-exempt status from any religious organization that supports traditional marriage, defined as one man and one woman. In fact, his position essentially amounts to a government preference for pro-gay marriage religious bodies that likely violates the Establishment Clause.
CNN’s Don Lemon quoted O’Rourke’s policy on LGBT issues, which states: “Freedom of religion is a fundamental right but it should not be used to discriminate.”
“Do you think religious institutions — like colleges, churches, charities — should they lose their tax-exempt status if they oppose same-sex marriage?” Lemon asked.
“Yes,” O’Rourke replied —
to loud applause from the audience.

(emphasis mine)

Beto knows his chance of winning is slipping away and he has decided, as he did on gun confiscation, to go all in by saying aloud what everybody knows the left believes and daring others to hit him for it.

They ducked dodged and weaved which is no surprise are as unlikely to speak out for religious freedom as Steve Kerr is to be wearing a “Free Tibet” or “Free Hongkong” shirt at his next press conference.

The left considers religious Americans their enemy, this has been the case for a long time and is in fact the reason why I left the Democrat party back in the 1990’s

So when the media starts hitting Christians for supporting Trump, point to this stuff and ask them, what do you expect us to do?

Closing thought: Now in fairness to the left, in twenty years their position will change once they are dependent on the Muslim vote, the only part of their coalition that’s growing significantly in the population but of course when that happens I suspect there is going to be only one religion that they will decide is worth protecting.

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