If Only she wore a “Little Drag Queen” shirt to school instead: Update (or not?) Update NOT

Update: Well I’ve got some good news and some bad news. The good news is apparently the school in question and the district in particular has not in fact lost their minds and that the initial information concerning this story was misrepresented to the author in question.

We do a lot of writing and when one of the Groksters gets it wrong, an apology is required.  Tonite, it is my turn and I apologize to Superintended Steve Tucker, Principal Eric Johnson, and Teacher Lindsey Packer.  I publicized bad information – information for which I fell for. 

Skip, being an honorable man is, unlike ABC is not running away from the difficult task of correcting the record nor the embarrassment of admiting the source of the misinformation which will leave a much larger personal mark than any reporting error.

 Subsequent to my asking my question in her FB post, her post was deleted. She won’t return my calls.
I am left to apologize to all concerned and all of the GraniteGrok readers – 
I got the story wrong. I also apologize to the other Groksters as the credibility of GraniteGrok as been besmirched which does affect them.  It’s all on me – this whole thing has turned out to be a fraud when I truly believed it was true.

The bad news is of course since I picked up the story I am left to apologize as well, I’ve deleted all of the quotes from the base post and put “strikethrough” on any information that is incorrect. I know I could have simply re-written the post but that would distort the record and if I’m admitting to a mistake it’s important to know the mistake I’m admitting to.

So I must join Skip in his apology while remaining pleased that for once the story of a school being a bad actor is wrong.

Closing thought: There have been a large spat of “hate crime hoaxes” over the years, have you ever noticed that those who sounded the trumpet of outrage on them the loudest never rejoice that the crimes did not take place?

Update: Got a heads up that suggests there might be less to this than meets the eye, While that might be embarrassing for me it would be delightful as it would indicate that insanity does not reign at the school in question and that’s more important that a post getting hits. I don’t believe in pulling posts as it changes the record so for now I’m going to put the base post under a “more” tag until I get more data. For now we’ll wait and see and if a correction is warranted I’ll update the post with it.

Our schools remain incapable of teaching math, or history or proper English but if there is one thing they excel at it’s deciding that some things are beyond the pale. Apparently in Laconia NH this shirt is of them:

That the shirt that the autistic granddaughter of one of the founders of the NH blog Granite Grok was made to cover up at school. Her parents (both vets) were not told and found out when they picked her up.

You would think that this insanity would not hit the “Live Free or Die” state but remember that Massachusetts is just across the border and many who helped turn my state into an unlivable place migrated north but didn’t leave the values that prompted their escape behind

Unfortunately for the people in charge at the Woodland Heights school the Grandfather of this kids is one of the founders of the NH political blog Granite Grok and Skip is not amused:

Skip has questioned and interviewed and covered people and issues on the local, state and federal level and knows what questions to ask

And now he is angry

There’s an old saying about not messing with those who buy their ink by the barrel, but perhaps it should be extended to those who not only use pixels by the billions but have the ability to get their message out nationally. That is likely why the school superintendent gave him a ring to assure him that the shirt is fine and she can wear it anytime.

Skip ended the update with the words Ongoing, and will be updated…. Rest assured I’ll be keeping an eye on the story.

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  1. I tried to follow the links, but the page does not exist. What the school did is very wrong and I am glad you are trying to correct the issue.

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