I guess the answer is “Yes”…

…to the question: “Are you more Catholic than the Pope?” as I’m not big into Pagan idols in my church.

That so many people are shocked SHOCKED at the tossing of the idols in the Tiber is beyond me. I’m shocked that it took so long to happen.

Now in fairness it’s likely I would not have done this myself, choosing instead to do a holy hour of reparation or something, but that’s me.

That so many in the church are defending the idols is less amazing as there have always been plenty of folks who want their own version of the faith substituted for, the faith.

I think these two tweets sum it up nicely

One expresses the authentic faith of the church, one does not.

You the faithful get to make your choice, for the sake of your soul may you choose wisely.

Closing thought: All that being said this is in fact theft and destruction of private property and if the people involved are prosecuted it’s entirely proper and when brought before the judge they should answer as in Acts 5:29 and take the civil punishment as the apostles did.

6 thoughts on “I guess the answer is “Yes”…

  1. I don’t understand why this is theft.

    If it’s theft, then the owner of the idols had a reasonable expectation that they wouldn’t be removed. But how could he? The idols were violating the rights of others (God and Catholics) not to have their sacred places desecrated.

  2. I’m a woman of a certain age, let’s just say I have grandchildren.
    There is no doubt in my mind I would have done the same thing myself, because I had the inclination all week long. I do not do international travel, but if I did, and thought I would have access to these pagan idols, I would have gladly done it.
    Let them arrest me, I’m old, I’m confused! Can you help me?

    Look friends, we are now called to be the Cristeros. I remember a nicer time to be Catholic, I wish we were still there, but we aren’t, and if we love Jesus Christ and the church and the faith the way we say we do, we will all be willing to take one for the team and get it done. I say this as a woman who is glad to be one, we need to man up.

    You shall not have any gods before Me.
    If anyone, even an angel of light, comes preaching a gospel different from what one that was preached to you, let him be ANATHEMA (accursed).

    Couldn’t be simpler. The refutation of demon worship in our house, God’s house, far outweighs any other considerations. Far.
    Carry on, fellow Catholics.

  3. If they call this ‘theft’, then I say we start calculating the cost of all the statues and high altars that they ‘stole’ after V2 from our churches. Maybe we should also total the vandalism costs of whitewashing over the art in our churches. This hypocrisy is astonishing.

  4. James Martin thinks the cool kids still say “other.” I’ll bet he thinks it’s cool to say “less than,” too.

  5. Who the Hell’s “private property” was this? Someone who actually believes in private property?

    As a Catholic, I am grateful for their volunteer janitorial work.

    Consider whether you will always have a place for a Holy Hour, or whether your church will not be decorated with “private property,” maybe later this year,

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