Myles Garrett knocks out…Colin Kaepernick?

What a difference seven seconds makes in the media.

The NFL in the media before the final seven seconds of the Browns / Steelers game was only about one subject.


The NFL in the media after the game.

Colin who?

Myles Garrett ripped off Mason Rudolph’s helmet and swung it at Mason Rudolph’s head…and knocked Colen Kapernick right out of the media spotlight. The woke media all over the nation was likely going to be talking about Kaepernick’s Saturday workout in Atlanta as a Friday lede. Instead Myles Garrett swinging Mason Rudolph’s helmet was the lead story on Good Morning America.

I submit and suggest that the NFL behind closed doors the NFL execs who arranged the Kaepernick workout are high fiveing each other. Nobody will be talking about the Kaepernick workout today or this weekend. Cripes the Patriots could sign Kaepernick Saturday and name him the starter for the game against the Eagles this weekend and Garrett would still be the only story in the lague.

If Kaepernick’s goal is to be signed by an NFL team then he should send Miles Garrett and gold plated helmet in thanks for getting him under the radar.

If, as I suspect, Kaepernick’s goal is to be the center of attention as the ultimate media martyr he’s just been screwed.

Closing thought: Democrats in congress should thank their lucky starts that it bumped impeachment as well.

Today’s Reality Check Amnesty’s Tweet and fear

Richelieu: I am the state, Your Majesty. And I say it now privately. So that we have no need to discuss it in public. In France I am the state. These men have set|themselves above me. And it is I, not you|who render judgement.

The Three Musketeers 1948

Twitchy had a piece about a tweet by Amnesty International condemning an Israeli rocket attack that was almost certainly Palestinian rockets falling short is outrageous but not surprising for one important reason.

Amnesty knows that for all its rhetoric concerning Israel they do not risk anything by condemning the Jewish state, but if they are too emotive when condemning the Palestinians, they put their lives in danger.

While I am sure, given the direction Amnesty is going hitting Israel is a bug not a feature it is that fear that is driving their response.

I think fear is a behind a lot of what we’re seeing lately from Impeachment (fear that the illegal attempts to stop Trump from being elected will be exposed) to the cancel culture (fear of being rejected). Nothing motivates like fear.