Robert Spencer Nails It, Kruiser Nails it, Byron York Nails it, Jazz Shaw Nails it and Devin Nunes Nails it too Under The Fedora

To say “Robert Spencer Nails It” is a rather redundant thing as he has made a career of “Nailing it” when it comes to Islam but if you read only one paragraph this month from him, this is it

What is noteworthy also about The History of Jihad is something that it does not contain. As the jihadis move against non-Muslim states without any letup, pause, period of coexistence, period of tolerance, reformation, or reconsideration, there never appears any force of Muslims to oppose them. While it is undoubtedly true that not all Muslims in any given age have ever waged jihad, there has never been in Islamic history an Islamic entity or organization that was opposed to waging jihad and dedicated to stopping those who were waging it.

In fairness for a Muslim to oppose these things would likely prove hazardous to their health and the health of their immediate family.

On hearing the Chick-Fil-A had decided to cut off the Salvation Army at a time when the left is going after them I tweeted my displeasure along with many other conservatives. Chick-Fil-A insists that they are simply refocusing their giving, but some are suspicious. Steven Kruiser explains why:

Many conservatives remained unmoved because, while Chick-fil-A said donating money to help homelessness, they had cut off funding to the Salvation Army, which is huge, nationwide, and helps the homeless. It seemed to them that the move was made purely due to Salvation Army’s stance on LGBTQ issues.
There are any number of reasons that Chick-fil-A could have for cutting ties with the Salvation Army. We will only know if this was truly a capitulation to the rabid wokesters when we see who the company gives money to going forward.

The irony of course is that the primary reason that Chick-Fil-A’s incredible growth over the last few years to this point was because it was a delicious way to hit back in the culture wars. And they should know that if you pay the danegeld you never get rid of the dane. So until I know for sure which way their wind is blowing, I’ll stick to the better tasting Wendy’s Chicken sandwich, although I’ll miss their 1st rate soup until they do

Like Robert Spencer Byron York regularly nails it and his explanation as to why the Democrats have been very careful to shut down GOP members who has difficult questions at the impeachment hearings is spot on:

Should the whistleblower have connections to prominent Democrats, exposure of his identity could be embarrassing to the party. And perhaps most of all, reading through the impeachment investigation depositions that have been released so far, it’s clear that cutting off questions that could possibly relate to the whistleblower has also allowed Democrats to shut off any look at how the Trump-Ukraine investigation started. Who was involved? What actions did they take? Why did some government employees think President Trump’s July 25 call to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky represented a lost opportunity, or poor judgment, while others thought it represented wrongdoing requiring congressional investigation?
Democrats do not want the public to know. And in that, their position is familiar to anyone who has watched Washington for the last two years: The Democrats’ determination to cut off questions about the origins of the Trump-Ukraine investigation is strikingly similar to their determination to cut off questions about the origins of the Trump-Russia investigation. In both cases, they fought hard to keep secret the origins of investigations that have shaken the nation, deeply divided the electorate, and affected the future of the presidency.

I think Glenn Reynolds has been right from day one. The entire impeachment farce is not about getting rid of Trump but about forestalling any investigation of their activities to keep him from being elected.

Jazz Shaw did not explicitly quote any of DaTechGuy’s Laws of Media Outrage in this piece on a Mass shooting in California but all those principles are there when he notes how fast it went down the memory hole:

 this mass shooting is uninteresting to much of the media because it fails all the normal tests and doesn’t fit in with the narrative. Had the men at least been using “assault rifles” they might have merited a bit more coverage. But those events are vanishingly rare because most gang members are well aware that it’s tough to hide a long gun when walking down the street to attack someone or while fleeing the scene afterward.
Further, if initial reports prove accurate, this was an incident of adult Asian people shooting other adult Asian people. And most of the press has about as much interest in that story as one where black gang members are shooting other black people. In short… basically none. It’s reminiscent of 
the Bunny Friend Park shooting in New Orleans back in 2015. It was the second-largest mass shooting of the year in the United States.
Seventeen people were shot in the middle of a public festival but if you didn’t live in New Orleans or subscribe to the Times-Picayune, you probably never heard about it. Why? Because it was two rival gangs composed primarily of African-Americans settling a turf war. Unfortunately, they were such poor marksmen that almost all of the victims were bystanders, including a young boy who was shot through the spine and will likely spend his life in a wheelchair.

Unless the right people are shooting or being shot the media has no interest in mass shootings, period!

Finally if you want to know what impeachment is you won’t do better than Rep Devin Nunes

“But if the Democrats in the media are suddenly so deeply concerned about bribery, you would think they would take some interest in Burisma paying Hunter Biden $83,000 a month. And you think they would be interested in Joe Biden threatening to withhold U.S. loan guarantees unless the Ukrainians fired a prosecutor who was investigating Burisma. That would be a textbook example of bribery. The media, of course, are free to act as Democrat puppets and they’re free to lurch from the Russia hoax to the Ukraine hoax at the direction of their puppet masters. But they cannot reasonably expect to do so without alienating half the country who voted for the president they’re trying to expel. Americans have learned to recognize fake news when they see it. And if the mainstream press won’t give it to them straight, they’ll go elsewhere to find it, which is exactly what the American people are doing.”

This is why most people actually seek political power, to get those perks