Bill Russell and that’s it, Addition by Subtraction, An old Socialist against impeachment, a UK Taxpayer Windfall, Avocado Wars Under the Fedora

I am so sick of hearing people debate on ESPN if LeBron James (3 NBA titles) has surpassed Michael Jordan (6 NBA titles) or not as the NBA’s GOAT.

Jordan & James combined do not have as many titles as Bill Russell (11 titles two won as player/coach).

Now you can argue that the era was different and there were less teams in the league, which in my opinion us what allows Jordan and James into the conversation but until either of them manages to win a title as a player-coach I submit and suggest that the Jordan/James debate is all about determining who is 2nd best.

One other quick NBA note. As of today 1/6 of the way into the season the Brooklyn nets with Kyrie Irving are on a pace to be the seventh seed in the NBA east while the Boston Celtics lead the Atlantic division and are fighting for the #1 seed.

Talk about Addition by subtraction.

Ran into an old friend who has been recovering from surgery. He has a 1st class mind and we have often jousted concerning his love of socialism.

As we haven’t had occasion to speak for a while I asked him about impeachment and much to my surprise he thought it was a bad idea and a waste of time. Much better to make the case for replacing the president in the election rather than trying to overturn the last one, and remember, he’s had time to watch the hearings.

If Pelosi & co have managed to lose an old socialist like him on impeachment, they’re in worse trouble than I thought. No wonder Democrat staffers had a big party for the end of public hearings at least in this committee.

One side effect of Prince Andrew’s fall from grace is a quarter million pound windfall for the English taxpayer:

Prince Andrew will no longer receive his £249,000 Sovereign Grant allowance because that funds expenses for his official duties, such as travel.
But he will receive his income from the Queen’s private funds.

It’s worth noting that none of this is because of what he did with Jeffrey Epstein, it’s all because he could not contain the damage once these revelation were reported on by people other than bloggers.

I’m apparently the last person in the US who isn’t a fan of guacamole but under the “blame america for wanting drugs rules apparently all the rest of you are responsible for this:

 More than a dozen criminal groups are fighting over the avocado trade in and around Uruapan, the capitol of Michoacán, “preying on wealthy orchard owners, the laborers who pick the fruit and the drivers who truck it north to the United States,” writes reporter Kate Linthicum. Organized crime in Mexico, she explains, is diversifying—it isn’t just about drugs anymore:

The worst thing that every happened to the Mexican people was the United States failing to annex the entire country after defeating them in the Mexican war back in 1848. And it’s worth noting that these cartels are all getting footholds in US cities run by Democrats which is going to mean a lot of trouble unless we see some pushback soon.