Giving Thanks with a Busted Wing

Webster: Feeling all right?

Luz: There you go [putting a blanket on Lipton ]He’s got pneumonia.

Webster: l’m sorry to hear that.

Luz: What are you sorry about? He’s alive, he’s got a couch, a goddamn blanket. He’s snug as a bug.

Lipton: Yeah

Band of Brothers: The Patrol 2001

Thanksgiving day has come and for the first time in a lustrum it’s not the calm before the profitable storm.

At the warehouse where I work Black Friday begins a month of overtime and stretches of seven days of working flat out to keep up with orders, occasionally these expectations aren’t met beyond the 1st week (thus the shocking one week layoff I had a few years ago) but usually it means a lot of hours and plenty of extra money to pay for the bills that come in the Christmas season.

All of that changed on Sunday when I tripped at work and fell hard on the concrete floor fracturing my shoulder and putting me out of commission for this busy & profitable time.

Given not just the injury but the conversion of December from a month of good income to relying on workman’s comp just to keep bills paid one might think that there is little to be thankful for, but that conclusion can only come with an ignorance of history.

For the majority of human history if you didn’t work you didn’t eat, if you got hurt you were dependent on the charity of others, if you were very lucky you had a big enough family to carry the load, if not you worked through an injury like mine and basically screwed yourself up assuming you were allowed the privilege of doing so.

America’s capitalist system has created a country so rich that my big worry can be my recovery and maybe a few late bills plus a few trips to a 1st rate doc while I recover. Meanwhile I have the whole net & Roku to keep me occupied along with 3 dynasty baseball leagues.

And then of course there is you dear reader and the blog.

I’ve got plenty to be thankful for, a great wife, fine sons, friends and family, the blessings of God, but I would be very remiss if I didn’t give thanks for those Puritans (who wouldn’t have thought much of me as a Catholic) who came to this land 400 years ago and created the freest and wealthiest land the world has ever seen.

I suspect that a lot of kids attending $50K+ a year colleges while somehow considering themselves oppressed with a straight face can’t see this. What a shame.

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