Chicago on the Thames

We’ve written in the past about Chicago belonging to the gangs and pols protecting them because they provide votes.

Apparently things aren’t all that different in London:

Judah encountered a Grenadian, now a successful cocaine dealer, who recalled moving to the White City estate in West London with his mother when he was 12.
‘We pitched up for a better life, but found ourselves right in the middle of a war zone,’ he recalled.
He said the estate ‘was way more corrupt . . . way more dangerous, more full of disillusion than anywhere in Grenada. Within six months of being here, I had lost 75 per cent of my morals.’
After a few years here, and now a heavy cocaine-user, he woke up to his mother screaming. She’d found his gun in the fridge and bullets on the sofa.
She was crying: ‘Please, please, the police will kill you, the gangsters will kill you! My baby, why, why did I ever bring you to this country?’
The sex industry is another area where our flawed immigration policy has had a malign effect. Now, 96 per cent of prostitutes are migrants. In the main, Albanians have taken over.
Typically, they lure girls from Moldova with promises of modelling jobs, but then rape and traffic them.
I saw the results of this myself when a brothel opened in a house on a quiet, residential street near my son’s primary school in Hampstead. 
The mother of one of my son’s friends lived opposite. She was intimidated by the sinister men in leather jackets who sat in the nearby coffee shop all day.
She reported to the police that the girls on the top floor looked underage and never went out. In due course, her car was smashed up. 
She suspected this was done as a warning to keep her nose out of it. The police did nothing and she never raised the matter again.

If only they had been tweeting that men didn’t have vaginas, then the London police would have been all over it.

The latest terror attack might get more headlines but this is the real threat to England and it’s being ignored.

But Pam Geller and Robert Spencer are too much of a threat to let in.

Well at least it’s not happening here is it?

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