DaTechGuy Quick Thoughts, Ignoring Impeachment Fiction, NBA Dunks Replay, Trans Gynecology, A CW flashback and the left as they are.

Almost 50 years ago I would come home and be glued to the TV set watching the Nixon hearings. During the Clinton impeachment I watched every bit of the testimony I could. Despite being laid up an unable to work with an awful lot of time on my hands I’ve not watched five minutes of the political theater that the Democrats are putting on, nor do I intend to. I’m no Christy Mathewson but I know the difference between a real game and a fixed one. If I want fiction I can watch Maverick.

Looking at the James Harden Dunk that wasn’t allowed. Isn’t the whole point of replay to get calls right that are wrong?

I know this person is Canadian and not American but if I’m Trump I link the left to the whole Transgender demands a Gynecologist business.

Did you know it was less than a year ago that the Conventional Wisdom was that the the 2020 Democrat nomination for president was Kamala Harris’ to lose? Well she managed to lose it before the 1st vote was cast.

Finally Last week a reporter from Legal Insurrection who had previously been credentialed for a American Muslims for Palestine conference was ejected because they were afraid of negative coverage from her.

That’s why this video was leaked by someone rather than simply reported on.

Nothing is more frightening to the left that to be shown unfiltered as they are.

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