Legal Scholars Bubble Life

One of the advantages of living in an incredibly blue state while being an actual mass going practicing Catholic (as opposed to whatever Nancy ‘Don’t say I hate that coward Trump because I’m a Catholic oh and btw abortion is WAY cool‘ Pelosi is) is that it’s almost impossible to live in a bubble. You are constantly surrounded with people who don’t share your opinions or faith. This also means that you can spot someone in a bubble really quick.

I don’t know if Ann Althouse is a practicing Catholic but she can recognize the bubble when she sees it:

That’s a well-crafted joke, I said out loud when I watched it. But, oh, what a mistake! I don’t know if she wrote that joke all on her own or if she tested it on others, like a stand-up comedian. But I bet if she tested it, she tested it within a cocoon. I think you can tell by her demeanor that she believes it is a killer joke, and it would kill in the law-school, academic context.

And because the joke was created within the bubble the idea that it might not play well outside of it.

Let me finish up here by saying that I agree that the outrage is fake, but just about everything in the discussion of Trump is fake, and the pro-Trump side should fight hard. Karlan intended a hurtful slam, a winged zinger that would have the whole world laughing contemptuously. Watch that clip again. She believes she’s got something. But it was too good of a line. Everyone noticed. And now, it’s almost the only thing that was noticed in all that tangle of law/”law” that the professors strewed before us yesterday.

So it was a big fail for the anti-Trump lawprofs. The look of it from a distance was that they hate Trump and they were called by politicians who hate Trump to express hate for Trump.

emphasis mine

Think about it for a second. In a situation where you are trying to convince the voting public or at least reinforce the idea to your members that Impeachment is a good idea you manage to make the most memorable and quoted moment is a lame joke about a 13 year old kid that got a response from the 1st Lady and made their profession in general and those folks in particular look like a bunch of asses.

I suspect that’s why Nancy Pelosi immediately did this:

“Sadly, but with confidence and humility, with allegiance to our founders, and a heart full of love for America, today I am asking our chairman to proceed with articles of impeachment.” Thus spake Nancy Pelosi from the Speaker’s Balcony in the Capitol on Thursday.

Let me rephrase this in a way that reflects the reality

“Sadly yesterday was a complete disaster so let’s change the subject and get this damn impeachment business over with before we get any more defections or create any more ads for the GOP in 2020”

Nancy is old enough to have lived outside of the current bubble world when what is now considered conservative culture by the left was America’s culture. She knows how all this is playing which is why she tried to fend it off as long as she could within her caucus.

As I’ve said before it’s a losing hand but Nancy is playing it out as best as she can.