Five Instant One Line Time/Greta Thoughts UPDATE Bonus Thought!

If you thought Greta was insufferable before can you imagine how she’ll be now?

This is likely the 1st time in Time’s history that a person who has actually had no impact on the world, nor is likely to, has been chosen as Person of the year.

Presuming she doesn’t know it now, the day she realizes this is all a con will be her 1st chance to actually be worthy of being named person of the year.

Alas I will likely not be alive to interview Greta in thirty years to ask her why we are all still here.

Finally nothing Confirms Impeachment as a bigger Dud than Greta Thunburg being picked by Time as Person of the Year.

UPDATE Bonus Thought:

This is the 2nd time in my life (the 1st being when Obama won the Nobel Prize) that I woke up, saw a news report and thought I was still asleep.

If Jr Did nothing wrong why does Old Joe need to restrain him?

At Drudge this weekend there was an interesting Joe Biden headline.

Now I don’t have HBO and I didn’t see the show in question but this headline brings an obvious question.

If there was nothing funny going on with his son, why keep him on a leash?

After all if Joe Biden got very heated with a voter at the suggestion that there was anything wrong with his son and Ukraine so if all this stuff if GOP BS why is any kind of restriction needed?

You think about it Joe, I’ve got all day.