British Election Thoughts Under the Fedora

As of this moment 12:47 AM the conservatives have 354 seats in parliament up 56 from yesterday and 26 more than they need for a majority without any help while labor is down 40. Yet I’m still hearing labor people in England say now that the conservatives have won they must move left. Socialists, they always sound the same in any country.

Two years ago we saw article after article about how Jeffrey Corbyn was the model for the American left to follow.

Now today leftists are angry when a MSNBC leftist notes after Labor’s crushing defeat that Corbyn ran as an unapologetic leftist.

I’m not an expert on British elections or politicts but I found it interesting that on LBC the channel that I was watching to see the results and on twitter we were seeing things like this:

I remember the same thing being said after 2010 insisting that the Democrats programs were actually popular and that the polling was more important than the actual votes to see what the people thought.

Simply amazing.

In addition to Corbyn the left is blaming Brexit for this result claiming that a lot of Labor votes went to the Brexit party. This may or may not be true as I’m not expert enough to say but I will say this.

Assuming this is correct should we not blame labor and the left for not following the will of the voters who had voted leave. If they had in fact let Brexit happen instead of trying to foil it would not , by their own argument , last night have been different?

Supposedly Boris Johnson is very very unpopular according to what I keep hearing but he is getting a Thatcher like win for the Conservatives and he is doing it, in my opinion, for one reason. He is leading from the front.

That is the common thread between Reagan, Thatcher, Johnson and Trump. They are leaders, who lead and people tend to be willing to follow when a person is willing to lead.

It been fun to watch the left on twitter melt down, similar to what happened when Trump won to wit:

This is exactly what we’re hearing from the American left and I suspect the whole “Vote for me you ignorant racist” campaign slogan will be as effective here as it was there, but of course now that the left has lost it will be insisted by all that it has no reflection on the US election.

I suspect that argument would be quite different if the result was different.

Finally as I said I watched LBC election coverage all night and noticed that while there were a lot of opinions that I disagreed with strongly (particularly the newly defeated left insisting that the newly elected conservatives must move to the left to retain their win) but at least everyone they didn’t sound insane.

This is a nice change from what we regularly see around here.