More British Election Thoughts

Map Via The Telegraph, comments via me

Looking at the map of the Results of the British Election is a lot like looking at a Map of the US election of Donald Trump in that the left does better in the urban areas where the elites dwell and the right in the more rural areas where you know the food that the urbanites eat come from.

It worth also noting from the map that there are several nationalist movements going on. In Scotland the Scottish National party picked up 13 seats. Most of those SNP seats would have gone labor. I guess most of the conservative Scots were the ones who came here.

In Ireland the primary division remains the Democratic Unionists (conservatives) who want to stay in the UK and those who want out Sinn Fein (Socialists) who while winning seats in parliament refuse to attend or vote. 3 seats went to two minor parties 2 going to the Social Democrat & Labor party and one to the Alliance Party (Moderate liberals)

In Wales the Plaid Cynru or Welsh Nationalists (more socialists) have four seats but unlike Ireland and Scotland the vast majority of seats in the area remain divided between the two major parties with Labor having the advantage.

While Labor was clearly the biggest overall loser dropping a solid 20% of their seats (-42 from 245 to 203) including some districts that hadn’t voted conservative in over a century porportionally the liberal democrats did worse dropping from 21 to 11 seats losing nearly half including their party leader who lost in Scotland. The other big loser were minor or uncleared parties which held 50 seats in parliament before this election and now hold only 23 all but two being outside of England proper one being a seat held by the greens and the other being the current speaker of the house’s seat who by law must renounce his party and remain strictly non-partisan. All of the Change UK (a party of disaffected conservative and labor folks) PM failed to be re-elected.

It appears that the Brits figured it was time to actually choose sides.

What’s really significant was the shift in the overall popular vote. While the Conservatives share went up by went up to 43.3% a gain of just over 1 % Labor’s share plummeted by over 7.8% down to 32.2% with the Liberal Democrats picking up 4% in the popular vote while halfing their number of seats in Parliament. Apparently the California syndrome is alive and well in Britain.

It’s worth nothing that a “conservative” in England is a lot different than a conservative in the US. Boris Johnson would likely be at best a RINO or moderate Democrat in the US but he’s the best you can currently get in England at this time.

Or as Mark Steyn put it:

It would be nice to think that the Conservative Party might now think it safe to offer a bit of conservatism. But that would be too much to hope for…

Well, you have to start somewhere.

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