Some quick Drudge Flip Thoughts

The Drudge’s Report’s apparent swing to NeverTrump and the subsequent drop in pageviews is generating a lot of pixels but it’s ignoring a couple of important points.

  1. If Drudge decided to flip on Trump that’s his business, people have the right to be wrong.
  2. If Drudge sold, that’s also his business. He’s been at it for 20+ years and if he wants to cash in and enjoy life, again it’s his business. He doesn’t owe me or anyone else anything.
  3. I’ve never met Drudge and have no idea what his actual ideological beliefs are. It could very well be that his promotion of conservatism/libertarianism was all about finding a market need and filling it, it’s also possible that he thought that turning on Trump and conservatives might have been a market based move where he guessed wrong. I simply don’t know and it’s likely neither do you.
  4. Even if Drudge loses half his readership 50% of an ungodly number is still an ungodly number. He or whoever now owns the site will make out fine.
  5. That being said you can never assume remaining on top. Remember when Drudge was starting out AOL & IE owned the internet.
  6. Now you understand why the left has been so adamant in preventing people of the right from buying money-losers like Newsweek. There is nothing like flipping a well known but unprofitable brand to make a splash and they are determined to do so.
  7. If there was ever proof that Glenn Reynolds plan of buying Women’s Magazines and staffing them with conservatives is a great idea, this is it.

5 thoughts on “Some quick Drudge Flip Thoughts

  1. I gave up on Drudge about a year ago. I began to notice that the whole site had the feel of a supermarket tabloid, sensationalistic junk. Then I started reading that others had noticed an anti-Trump slant as well. At that point, I deleted the bookmark. I can find most (all) the same stories at other sites I visit. I am particular about the sites I visit and won’t support any place that doesn’t support my values.

  2. The left has won the culture war thanks primarily to Republican support for open borders and mindless Republican sycophancy for billionaires over the last 40 years. Big business has already turned on conservatism, and Fox is in the process of doing so. The rats who did so much to sink the ship are now abandoning it and going with the winners, that’s all. Everything is downstream from immigration. Republican/Conservative support for mass immigration has been perhaps the greatest political folly in history and now you’re going to pay the price for allowing them to get away with it.

    1. There have been few comments in the 10+ year history of my blog that I’ve agreed with more and I submit and suggest that the failure of conservatives to fight the culture wars has been the greatest tactical mistake with the greatest negative consequences since France’s failure to oppose Germany’s retaking of the Rhineland.

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