Biden has one Trump Like Advantage

This weekend old friend Kurt Schlichter wrote a piece about Joe Biden that is absolutely accurate:

The establishment narrative on Joe Biden is, to put it mildly, malarkey. Gropey J actually is everything the liberals accuse Donald Trump of being – bizarre, vulgar, dumb, corrupt, incompetent, and utterly unfit to be president. But yet the Creepy Veepy is so much more. In the last month, this totally not-senile, not-at-all-weird guy has assembled a track record of freaky behavior that would put mid-eighties Crispin Glover to shame. 

Like all of Kurt’s pieces it’s a lot of fun but there is something that this piece and others like it are completely missing concerning Joe Biden, something that given the last presidential election most conservatives shouldn’t be missing.

Biden’s weirdness is baked into Democrat considerations.

Consider this paragraph from my re-endorsement of Donald Trump when everyone from Paul Ryan to Stacy McCain were cutting and running:

To those who have endorsed Donald Trump, the idea that he is both boastful and vulgar has been a given, it has been factored into the equation concerning him.  Furthermore his public persona has been out there for decades and he has never pretended to be anything other than what he is.  I further suspect the voting public has already factored this into their image of Trump and it is unlikely that this revelation is going to move those who haven’t made up their minds one way or the other despite the shocked faces at CNN.

While it’s true that thanks to media efforts and the ignorance of many liberal voters there may be a few exceptions to this rule, on the whole people know who and what Joe Biden is. If you might recall during the Obama years when I was watching Morning Joe and Mr. Scarbrough was still on the side of conservatives he used to declare the the show was a zone that would be free of critiques of Joe Biden, although the put it better than I did.

Democrats know that Biden’s habits are contrary to current culture, they were even iffy twenty or thirty years ago, but when it comes to what he does he’s the political version of Sheldon Cooper. Kurt again:

Understand that Biden sees nothing wrong with this. Nothing. And that means there will be exponentially more of it. Hell, the useless DoJ under Trump won’t prosecute obvious graft. Do you think a DoJ that’s thrilled to have a fellow traveler back in the White House is going to root out Biden’s business badness? You do? Well, then meet my unicorn Chet.

You must remember that Joe Biden was 1st sent to the Senate when I was 9 years old. He is operating out of political rules that were written before the parents of most of the voters were burn, an area when if you were a liberal like Ted Kennedy you could even leave young girls to die and the media would be there to cover for you.

Moreover the actual corruption of Biden vs imagined corruption of Trump means nothing to the left. Just as in Boston they saw Nazi’s where there where none they will see nothing and/or justify everything when it comes to Biden because as far as they are concerned he is the best chance to beat Trump. And seriously do you REALLY expect the cultural left to forget that it was the supposedly devout Catholic Biden and NOT Barack Obama who forced the Democrats into a full throttled push for Gay Marriage realizing when both Obama and I did not, that when the chips were down the Black Church, like the Church of England was a cultural organization rather than a religious one and when the chips were down would choose Obama over Christ seven days a week and twice on Sunday.

Make no mistake the odds are long for Joe Biden against Trump. You have a strong economy, a president who has reached out to the black community, a record that can be directly compared to the Obama’s and a pattern of both violence and excesses that swing voters are recognizing. Biden will have a tough time and I’d not be surprised if Trump didn’t expand his Electoral victory against him

But anyone who thinks that Biden’s corruption, his creepy behavior or his seeming indifference to realty or competence is going to cost him a single vote from a left that has managed to push Nancy Pelosi into impeachment against her better judgement. Every man jack that is currently cheering for Bernie and Warren et/al will run RUN to vote for Joe Biden when the chips are down.

Trump may hit and ridicule old Joe as a person but the rest of us would be better served to be pushing his record. That is the real star of the show.

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