Meanwhile back in the Senate…

If you want to understand the reality of impeachment you can’t do better than these two tweets.

Here is a report from NYC as Nancy Pelosi lemmings prepare to dive into the ocean:

Meanwhile back in US Senate…

Reality always triumphs.

Tribe and the Left Give the Impeachment Game Away

Sheldon Cooper: WHEATON!

The Big Bang Theory The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary  2009

Yesterday the left was all a-twitter about the idea of voting for impeachment today but not sending their case to the jury (the senate) until Mitch McConnell agrees to call the witnesses demanded by majority leader Chuck Schumer. No less a luminary than Lawrence Tribe suggested this course of action.

Now in fairness I think this move if it’s used is going to make very little difference in public opinion but assuming there are still a few people who have not made up their minds or members of the Democrat party old enough or sane enough to be subject to logic and reason, this threatened move gives away the game because it poses a very simple question.

If these witnesses are so important and their evidence so vital why not call them in the house and go through the process (already begun in the Supreme Court) to compel them to testify BEFORE members of the HOUSE vote on the articles of impeachment?

After all if these witness are so critical to the case against the President then surely the members of the house need this critical evidence before voting don’t they?

But no, it can not be, after all every day that impeachment is still on the plate of the house of representatives is a day where the risk of losing votes on impeachment increases, particularly when the dates for state primaries pass,and even worse every delay in the house increases that new exculpatory witnesses might come forward or that pressure to call GOP witness that have been demanded might increase or even indictments of those involved in the entire Russia Scandal hoax might take place.

And think of the public image, we have been told that impeachment is vital VITAL for the good of the country in fact it’s SO vital that we have to vote on it today…but not so vital that we need to send it to the senate right now.

The bottom line is this: Democrats went forward on impeachment because their radical/twitter base demands it, they understand it’s a loser and are looking for any trick to mitigate or spin it as a winner. This is them playing the Will Wheaton playing the “MeMaw” option in a game of Mystic Warriors of Ka’ah.

Alas for the left Mitch McConnell is not the sucker that Sheldon Cooper is and I suspect they will discover neither are the American people.