Pelosi Plays Her Role

Who will gavel who?

Nancy Pelosi during less stressful times — at least for her.

by baldilocks

Finger pointed forever.

“He just got impeached. He’ll be impeached forever. No matter what the Senate does. He’s impeached forever because he violated our Constitution,” she said.

Trump doesn’t care about the stigma of impeachment. He knew they were planning it before the election and, once he got elected, it was on.

Some of them even said so in public on Inauguration Day.

So, after the Mueller investigation came up empty, President Trump goaded them into doing it; he was the one who made sure that the second Ukraine call got into the hands of the “whistle-blower.” I theorized about this weeks ago.

He did it so that there would be a trial and, of course, during the trial, all eyes will be watching. That’s when all the things that our government has been doing to us will come out and those things will come out of the mouth of the President of the United States.

That’s when we’ll find out the height, weight, breadth and time length of all the graft and money-laundering that has been going on in the US government at least for the last 50 years, perpetrated by all three branches of government and by both parties.

Pelosi knows this and it’s why she’s holding up progress. The House voted in favor of impeachment and then promptly departed for Christmas break without sending the articles of impeachment to the senate, as is necessary for a true impeachment to occur.

She didn’t want the impeachment at all for this very reason. But her caucus is much dumber and more vocal than she is, so she had no choice. So, now she’ll play the role of Grand Impeacher of Trump and avoid sending the articles of impeachment to the senate for as long as she can. She knows it won’t last, but she’ll play Trump-slayer — figuratively speaking — while she can.

Her caucus and her constituency will buy this because they, too, care more  about looking tough against Trump, even while barely knowing anything about how the process is supposed to go. Fun fact: many Democrats thought that the House impeachment meant that President Trump was supposed to be immediately thrown out of office.

So, Pelosi will bask in the sunlight as Anti-Trump Champion while she can because she knows it will end soon.

How could she not know what’s coming? Thomas Wictor has been pointing out for months that President Trump plans to be the lone witness for the defense during the senate trial and once you see that and listen to what the president says about it, you’ll discover that he has warned the Democrats over and over again that this is what he will do.

But they are blind and deaf to their own error.

And here’s something interesting: the State of the Union address is coming up in February. On her way out the door for Christmas break, Speaker Pelosi invited President Trump to the House to give it, as if everything is normal.

Will that be the grand collision of powers? Will President Trump decide to spill the beans then?

This SOTU address will be an all-eyes-on-Trump affair, too, and I suspect that there will be a lot of misbehavior by the audience-in-attendance during that speech. The Speaker may be setting the President up for that, but I bet his set-up for her and for the rest of the Democrats will be grander, not to mention more effective than, say, Rashida Tlaib leading a screeching chorus of “IMPEACHED MOTHERF*CKER!!” (I hope they try that. Heh.)

Speaker Pelosi is correct in observing that President Trump will have the distinction that only two other presidents have. But I bet he will also have the distinction of showing the entire world how crooked those who claim to lead us and represent us have been for decades. If he does that, he’ll be by himself in history.

I think that he’ll do it and so does Madame Speaker, as do many of the other beak-wetters, past and present.

It’s why they have hated him from the beginning.

Juliette Akinyi Ochieng has been blogging since 2003 as baldilocks. Her older blog is here.  She published her first novel, Tale of the Tigers: Love is Not a Game in 2012.

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8 thoughts on “Pelosi Plays Her Role

  1. From your pen to God’s eyes, Juliet. This is a wonderfully plausible scenario because Trump is what the political class never expected and have no idea how to deal with—an honest man, maybe the only honest man in DC, apart from Ben Carson. Trump is a patriot who wants to restore America to probity and glory; the best way to do that, in his view, might very well be to sacrifice himself on the altar to save the country. If we know one thing, it is that with Trump in the dock, all of America, all the world, too, will be watching. He can bring the walls down on the crooks as he lays out the foundation for mass arrests by speaking directly to the people at his trial or at the SOTU. It would be marvelous if the SOTU were to end with mass arrests.

  2. Juliette, I’ve been fantasizing about some Republican Senator going on the floor and saying “we have a transcript and video of the House’s vote, all on the record, so let’s take up this impeachment” and let the House either reconsider their vote or go to court to argue in favor of Pelosi’s invention of a Speaker’s “pocket veto” power.

    Then, in my fantasy, the Senator says “I propose we start the trial in two weeks, and invite the House to send their key figures — Speaker Pelosi, Chairman Schiff, and Chairman Nadler — to serve as managers. If they would prefer to send others, let them send those names and qualifications, and we will vote if we will admit them to the procedings.”

    There’s nothing in the Constitution that says the House gets to pick its managers, after all, but it does say that each House shall make its own rules about how it conducts its affairs. So the Senate makes its rules, and the House can go suck it.

  3. Pelosi is withholding the articles hoping something will turn up that is actually impeachable. If it doesn’t she will concoct something again. When this happens we need to remember the precedent of the Clinton impeachment. Juanita Broaddrick came forward with evidence of her rape after the House sent the articles of impeachment to the Senate, but Congress refused to consider it.

  4. They have to have known, on some level, how this would all turn out. I suspect though, that their hope was that somehow or other something would shake loose during this whole charade and save them. But the base is stuck on stupid, a terrible symptom of TDS. The media too, or is that a redundancy?

    They are blinded by hate, and as we need reminding of, Trump isn’t the real target. The real target is those who believe in the Constitution, capitalism, American exceptionalism, and limited government. When Obama was elected, they all believed that a corner had been turned and that we were on our way to their vision of a socialist utopia.

    The fact that that did not happen is what really has them burning with insane rage. That rage will never die as long as they don’t get their way, so be prepared to hang on for approximately forever.

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