2nd Day of Christmas Realities Under the Fedora

Today is the 2nd Day of the Christmas Season which will be continuing officially until January 12 the feast of the Baptism of the Lord which is both the last day of Christmas and the 1st Sunday of ordinary time.

Because it is the 2nd day of Christmas and because disability has made me a little short today I will be shopping for what would be considered “late” Christmas gifts for her and paying less.

Celebrating all the days of Christmas has its advantages.

I’m sure the ring doorbell has its advantages, here is one of its disadvantages:

Every smart device from your doorbell to your car is a computer and any computer is only as secure as the dumbest and most careless person who knows your password or sets up your network makes it. And really if you think your eight year old’s bedroom is so unsafe that you need a camera in it you need to move your family into a cave in the mountains or something.

I know cable news networks need to fill time but can we stop the debate on if the President is “officially” impeached or not? I know that rules lawyering is all the rage in America these days but let’s drop the pretense. This president was impeached, it was a political impeachment, one without foundation which is going to destroy the electoral prospects of those who pushed it and diminish the power of congress and the value of impeachment as a check on actual presidential corruption for all time. But it IS impeachment.

I recently read Bishop Robert’s Barron’s short book “Open Letter to a Letter to a Suffering Church”. While the Bishop might have some novel opinions concerning the current population of hell I don’t think I’ve read a better book on the subject of the sexual scandals that have been revealed in the church in the last two decades. He provides historical perspective, diabolic and scriptural perspective while not sugar coating the causes nor the responsibility of the local bishops or the Vatican.

Most importantly he does a fantastic job making the argument that leaving the church is not a solution. If you’re a Catholic and haven’t read this book (you can finish it in an hour) do so.

While the voters are not cheering the Tom Steyer and Mike Bloomberg campaigns at the moment they are providing both the media and political consultants a very Merry Christmas.

In the wake of Bloomberg’s official presidential campaign launch on Nov. 24, he’s invested $57 million in TV advertising, putting him on track to overtake fellow billionaire Tom Steyer in the coming weeks, who has spent just over $60 million since July, according to data compiled by Advertising Analytics.

Nothing warms the heart of a political consultant or a TV or Radio station than Christmas stockings full of cash provided by billionaires with unlimited funds to make them. Ironically they are both likely to become what a lot of people (including at first me I confess) thought the Donald Trump campaign would be, a full employment scheme for consultants to milk for a few months. Donald Trump turned out to be smarter than that, It remains to be seen if his Democrat counterparts will prove the same.

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