2020: The Year We Find Out What America Shall be

Having been born in 1963 of Parents Born in 1921 & 1924 of Grandparents born from 1878-1896 me and mine have seen a lot of years of consequence.

For my grandparents 1914 would be the biggest year of consequence they were alive as it was the year where the entire history of the world pivoted on the decision of a single Serbian’s pistol shot.

For my parents it would be 1942 because in that year three allied battles Stalingrad (which started in 42 but ended in 43) El-Alamein (which started in 41 but ended in 42) and Midway all took place. The results of these battles meant that the 3rd Reich and their allies would not rule the world let alone survive World War 2 intact.

Until recently I thought the most significant year in my life would have been somewhere in the 1980’s where the combination of Reagan, Thatcher, St. Pope John Paul II & Lech Walesa lead to the fall of the Soviet Union and freedom for hundreds of millions around the world with perhaps 1986 being the key year, but 1984 (Reagan re-election) 89 (1st non communist government in Poland, 1983 (JP II 2nd visit to Poland) or even 1987 (“Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall”). But the more I think of it, for good or ill the year 2020 is likely going to be the most significant year of my lifetime in terms of history in general and American History in particular.

This is the year we find out if America survives as a single united free capitalist country.

This is the year that we find out if in fact if socialist and communist turn their cold war defeat into a belated victory.

This is the year we find out without question if America will stand up to it’s enemies or back down.

This is the year we find out if American blacks will believe the evidence of their own eyes and wallets or the propaganda that has enslaved them politically for 50 years.

This is the year we find out if America has boarders or it doesn’t.

This is the year where we find out if we are energy independent and thus able to resist OPEC & Russia or not.

This is the year we find out if our laws will be based on the Constitution as written or as imagined by the left.

This is the year we find out if we are to be bullied by those who claim that there are as many genders as there are grains of sands on the beach.

This is the year we discover if America is truly the leader of the free world or not

This is the year we discover if my children and grandchildren will be able to follow their Catholic Faith freely without fear or pay a heavy price for a profession of Christian faith.

And this is the year that we discover if the deep state with it’s propaganda machines in the press, and entertainment and the universities will rule this country or not.

As we are still, at this point free enough to make this choice as a nation, nothing is certain. All my instincts and all the data suggests that we will make the wise choice, there is still that fear within me that we will not, and that my sons and grandchildren will have to risk their lives to fight their way out of the socialism that their peers and mine vote themselves into.

Americans will as always get the government we deserve, but this is the year will discover if what we deserve is freedom we were bequeathed or not.

May God help us decide wisely.

3 thoughts on “2020: The Year We Find Out What America Shall be

  1. I wish this would be the year any semblance of real science would be adhered to to deny the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on humanity – that carbon dioxide the trace gas of life – has any effect on the weather.

  2. America hasn’t had borders in 40 years or more, under both Democrats and Republicans, starting with Ronald Reagan. What’s happening now is just the logical conclusion of that fact. The numbers have made it possible to bring it out in the open without fear of the consequences from the voters/victims, that’s all. All other questions are trivial.

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