Soleimani & al-Muhandis discover Attacking US Embassies During a Trump Administration can be hazardous to your health

A bit over forty years ago our embassy in Iran was seized and our citizens held for nearly two years as hostages with impunity while Jimmy Carter was president.

Eight years ago our embassy in Benghazi was attacked and Americans were killed with impunity while Barack Obama was president.

A few days ago Iranian terrorists attacked our embassy in Iraq and ran away once Donald Trump sent in marines and gunship. They thought that like during the Carter & Obama years they would pay no price.

They were wrong.

Iraqi TV and three Iraqi officials officials said Friday that Iranian Gen. Qassim Soleimani, the head of Iran’s elite Quds Force, has been killed in an airstrike at Baghdad’s international airport.

The officials said the strike also killed Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, the deputy commander of Iran-backed militias known as the Popular Mobilization Forces.

the Washington post isn’t happy that a killer of Americans is dead

Perhaps we can tell them they made a Youtube video that insulted Islam.

It’s possible, perhaps even probable that the Iranians commanders in Iraq will try to retaliate, but now those commanders know if they do to make sure their life insurance policies are paid in full because the risk will not just belong to the fanatical foot soldiers.

18 to 20 year olds can fight and die for our country but they can’t legally smoke or buy alcohol

The oppressive paternalism that has become the hallmark of Washington DC kicked into overdrive this past weak when President Trump signed a military spending bill that also raised the smoking and vaping age to 21 all across the United States.

I am not a smoker.   I have not smoked a single cigarette, or anything else, so this article is not about something I indulge in personally.  I strongly believe that government should not stop us from doing what we want to do, even if it is bad for us.  Allowing the bad along with the good is an essential ingredient to maintain a free society. 

I am well aware of the very negative health consequences of smoking.  I believe that individuals should make up their own minds whether they wish to smoke or not, not have their behavior controlled by the government.

Eighteen has always been the age where we consider individuals to be adults, capable of making decisions on their own.  That is the age anyone can enlist in the military so they can defend our country and die if necessary.  There has been a steady drift in this thinking, which has increased in speed the past few years.  This began with the drinking age, then spread to the age that some states allow the purchase of weapons, now it has spread to smoking and vaping.  It does a tremendous disservice to 18 to 20 if we strip them of their adulthood and coddle them.

Banning something never solves a problem, and if you study the prohibition period, you’ll see banning things only causes more severe problems.  Banning something from teenagers will only cause more demand.  The banning of tobacco products will only make them more appealing because they are banned.  This will result in a  black market for tobacco products and a lot of 21 and over individuals becoming criminals after purchasing tobacco products for those under 21. 

The US Constitution does not grant the federal government the authority to ban anything.  The federal government twisted the original meaning  of the Commerce Clause to unconstitutionally grant itself that authority.  The Interstate Commerce Clause only grants the federal government the authority to regulate the large scale movement of goods and services between states by imposing taxes. 

President Trump not only signed the age increase, he celebrated it with this Tweet:

This tweet really disappointed me.  It proved once again that President Trump is a big government Republican type who believes in banning things rather than a truly conservative or libertarian president.  He’s not perfect but he’s infinitely better than Hillary or any other progressive.

No Alamo at San Antonio de Benghazi or Rhineland Sequel

Eight years ago, just before an election our embassy was attacked in Benghazi and i wrote the following post on the subject:

Picture that night for a moment, In the end attackers lost 30-60% of their force but for the sake of argument let’s say only 25% of that was in the first wave. You’re attacking the compound, you’ve been attacking for hours and seen people fall all around you. You’ve been beaten back once and don’t actually know how many men are inside, what do you think would have happened if they heard the sound of a single helicopter gunship? A single plane? a single drone dropping a bomb on the force already bloodied at a rate that would cause most Western countries to declare the mission a disaster?

They would have run.

Instead there was no Helicopter gunship, there was no relieving force, there wasn’t even a single remote control bomb in those seven hours after all there is a fundraiser in Vegas to worry about.

The actions of the Obama administration in general and the President and Secretary of State Clinton in particular were a national disgrace, but fully in keeping with the philosophy that American interests in general and Americans lives in particular are not worth fighting for.

Fast forward seven plus years. Suddenly the Iranians are hitting our compound in Iraq. The media is in a frenzy ready to call this Trump’s Benghazi, celebs who support them are practically giddy with excitement at the prospect of embarrassment to President Trump in an election year

But while the media was looking for a Benghazi sequel, the Iranians were looking for a different sequel, they were looking for a Rhineland sequel.

You don’t know about the Rhineland business in 1936? Well in March of 1936 the Germans under a fellow by the name of Adolph Hitler moved their army into the Rhineland in direct opposition to the terms of the Treaty of Versailles, it was an aggressive move, a provocative move and a move that was completely dependent on the French not reacting, as one German officer put it:

“I can tell you that for five days and five nights not one of us closed an eye. We knew that if the French marched, we were done. We had no fortifications, and no army to match the French. If the French had even mobilized, we should have been compelled to retire.”

In fact one officer went so far as to suggest that if the French had intervened there in March of 1936 Hitler would have fallen.

By an odd coincidence the Iranians are having trouble at home and things are a tad shaky The Iranians could sure use a win and according to the international press, America is under the control of an incompetent leader who is in danger of being forced from office, so what better time to push the envelope against a paper power run by an incompetent leader unwilling or unable to fight back.

Alas for the Iranians the source of the reports of Donald Trump’s weakness and incompetence are a unreliable and unfortunately for them along with celebs like Ms. Midler and the media whose reports they rely on President Trump isn’t Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton:

and those choppers didn’t come alone, they came with US Marines:

Do you know what happens when you send Apache Helicopters and US Marines to an embassy that Iranians are attacking? One guess:

All members of paramilitary groups and their supporters who have been protesting against US air strikes in Iraq have withdrawn from the perimeter of the US Embassy in Baghdad on Wednesday, the Iraqi military said.”All protesters have withdrawn, tents dismantled, and other forms of demonstrating that accompanied these protests have ended and the Iraqi security forces have completely secured the embassy perimeter,” it said in a statement.

Or as it was put

And the president weighed in personally:

So instead the Iranians have run, their leaders, like Kim in North Korea are making threats and dismissing the president but actions speak louder than words and right now they know that they aren’t dealing with the pretend version of a president that the MSM has painted for them.

Trump took action and the Iranians are running and the ambassador remains unharmed and the US remains ready to protect our own.

For Iran that’s a disaster, and for the media and Democrats it’s a disaster too.

I’m old enough to remember when wouldn’t be able to say that about the press or Democrats.