Boy George: Voice of Reality

It’s very difficult to predict things, particularly the future

Boy George, the lead singer of the eighties band Culture Club, is being accused of transphobia following tweets blasting those who adopt personal pronouns. “Leave your pronoun’s [sic] at the door!” he tweeted.

George’s tweet was met with outrage by many, and Boy George responded to some of the criticism.

“Do you not know what the **** pronouns are?” asked one user, to which Boy George replied, “A modern form of attention-seeking?”

If you told the me on the 80’s that Boy George would be the voice of reason in the 21st century I would have laughed till I had a rupture

2 thoughts on “Boy George: Voice of Reality

  1. My response to this whole pronoun mess is to say that you are entirely welcome to believe that you are the Queen of England. I will not challenge or mock that. Just don’t expect me to abet it by calling you, “Your Majesty.”

    1. My whole bit is the Vive L’emperor business summarized thus

      If you think you’re Napoleon dress like him, talk like him, copy his mannerisms and even get yourself surgically altered to appear to be him, that’s your problem and your business and not mine.

      If after doing this you demand that I cry “Vive L’emperor” whenever you walk by and attempt to compel me by force of law then it becomes mine

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