The Octave of Romano’s Market: Tuesday Orders

Tuesday at Romano’s was always the day you came in to buy the fresh stuff you couldn’t get the day before or two days before if you couldn’t make it in before noon on Sunday.

It was also the day they started making their prepared foods.

When you walked in you could smell the meatballs cooking or the Roast for the Roast beef (unlike all the other cold cuts Roast Beef at Romano was a freshly seasoned Roast just out of the oven.) or the stuffing of the peppers.

The onions and peppers that had not managed to sell would be diced and sliced into all the various prepared foods and all the various salads that were ready to eat would be ready to go. Meanwhile the various suppliers would come in and Mike would make his order.

It was a very labor intensive day and today will be no different, because customers have been informed that if they want meat bundles they can order them for the last time this week so as much as previous Tuesdays have been busy, this Tuesday will likely put most others to shame.

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