The Octave of Romano’s Market: Wednesday Sausage Making.

Wednesday at Romano’s Market was always a busy day at the place, not so much in terms of volume but in terms of labor insensitivity for the place.

Because Wednesday is the day the sausage was made.

That meant cutting up many many pounds of pork butts seasoning them based on the type of sausage being made and then grinding it up and making the sausage.

This was a lot of work particularly when you consider how much sausage was being made and what types. And if it sold very well then on Thursday they would start the process all over again.

With only one week to go the there will not be so many choices, this week, sweet sausage, hot sausage , Kielbasa hopefully and some breakfast sausage, but either way this is going to be the last chance to get this homemade sausage that Glenn Reynolds game an exemption to when talking about journalism and sausages.

Since I don’t eat meat on Wednesdays I usually didn’t go down except to buy stuff for the next day, sausage included.

After this week I think I’ll stick with Bacon and Ham for breakfast.

Five Quick NH Primary Thoughts Under The Fedora

Bernie Sanders becomes the first Democrat to win a primary and/or caucus tonight because the Democrats still haven’t figured out definitely who has won in Iowa.

People say that Sanders can’t win the General because he’s a socialist, that’s actually not true, Sanders can’t win because Donald Trump has already delivered on the few parts of his message that had broad appeal, namely jobs and workers pay.

Apparently being a Gay guy who pretends to be moderate really sells as Mayor Pete came in second.

I’m very curious to see how he does once he goes south.

Apparently Senator Amy Klobuchar’s “Sister Socialist” moment has paid and vaulted her into 3rd place.

Four years ago when Donald Trump didn’t have his spectacular she as a women who wasn’t Hillary Clinton might have had a shot, now I doubt it, but it’s the unknowns that always scare you.

Watching Elizabeth Warren only manage 4th is gun considering that the CW just a few months ago had her unstoppable, almost as much fun as Deval Patrick fall apart, but not quite.

It will be interesting to see if she lasts long enough to salvage anything but under 10% in NH is almost as pathetic as Patrick with under 1/2 of 1%

The best news of the Evening was Andrew Yang dropping out as I actually worried about him as an opponent, Bloomberg will guarantee that gun owners will turn out for Trump in greater droves than before and none of the other candidates are different enough to beat Trump.

Yang was wrong but sane, and sane is sorely missed with Dems these days.