Five Quick Under the Fedora Thoughts: Dem CW, Steak Orgy’s, Bloomberg, the XFL and Back to Work.

I’m enjoying Elizabeth Warren’s sudden blaming of the media for her problems almost as much as Amy Klobuchars’s sudden gymnastics on her previous positions now that people are considering her a serious candidate.

it’s a great reminder that conventional wisdom is always absolutely correct, right up until the moment that it’s not.

If you don’t believe me ask all the talking heads in this video

Why people trust this folks is beyond me.

I’ve written a lot about Romano’s Market Last week. This weekend has been a steak orgy in the house as we bought a ton of steaks and spent the weekend cooking and eating them. What we froze is likely good for another week.

What’s really funny is I rarely bought expensive steaks usually hamburg, a short cut rump and the occasional tenderloin tip (the end that is too thin to cut into a steak) and turned them into tips for wraps, but this weekend I bought the more expensive cuts and boy was I missing out.

As I watch Mike Bloomberg attempt to buy the Democrat Nomination I’m reminded this this is rather similar to what was going on in NYC that we wrote about a while back:

In Mike Bloomberg’s New York, the mayor bribed you, buying the silence or cooperation of individuals, cultural organizations, and social service groups with hundreds in millions of dollars spent on small personal favors — a legal payment here, a medical procedure there — and charitable contributions.

While Mr. Bloomberg’s name is not the least bit Italian Professor Doug Muzzio describes the Mayor’s use of fund in terms normally associated in culture with the combination of vowels in his predecessor’s surname and my own saying it…

…was protection money. In many ways it inoculated him from potential criticism and stimulated people to do things that they might not have or shouldn’t have done

The article points not only to millions upon millions given to various groups but the potential of millions in the years after his departure from office that might be at stake

Oh and we were talking about Bloomberg and race in 2015 when nobody else was interested because it’s one thing to do stop and frisk in bad neighborhoods, it’s another to say that young black males should not be allowed to own guns.

Of course the left didn’t care about it then either. Too much money at stake

I’ve been really surprised at the good reception the XFL has gotten so far, but I really shouldn’t be.

It’s the same principle as Bloomberg. The various networks know that they have been promised three years of backing so as long as there is a chance to cash it, they’ll do their best to earn a cut.

And frankly the football isn’t horrible for a minor league.

Yesterday beings my 1st full week back to work. It’s been a tad tiring particularly when paired with my rehab visits but while the idea of collecting a check while staying home might seem attractive it gets pretty old pretty fast.

It’s a sad then when a man is not useful to somebody.

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  1. I agree with you that XFL football is fairly good for a minor league. The television production is unwatchable. The microphones on coaches and players, and the sideline interviews are simply intolerable.

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