Don’t let this VA #2a Victory Fool You

There are still plenty of gun control bills moving forward, in fact as Bearing Arms note Governor Ralph “Klan Robe or Blackface” Northam will likely be signing a few this year

While the gun, magazine, and suppressor bill is dead for this legislative session, it will almost surely be back again next year, and in the meantime Gov. Northam will likely get a chance to sign several gun control bills, including measures that would roll back the state’s firearm preemption law, change training requirements for concealed carry licensees, and more.

The most dangerous thing about a victory like the one yesterday on HB961 is for people to think the fight is done. In fact I’m sure that there will be a lot of effort to make you think this is the case so that next year when Trump is not on the ballot and conservatives are basking in wins nationally and elsewhere the left can sneak these bills though.

That is the plan and it will only fail if they stay scared. Make sure you keep them so.

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