Under the Fedora, A Sanders Miracle, Stacy on CW, Ignorance in England, A word away from 1st and the Midnight court is session

I’ll Say this for Bernie Sanders, he has accomplished something that I haven’t seen since my childhood. He managed to get the both the American press and the Democrat party to come out strong against Socialism , Communism and even Fidel Castro. At least in public anyways.

It just goes to show you that for the sake of getting or retaining power for the Democrat party, the party and the press will go to any lengths, even denouncing evils they have embraced for decades.

Speaking of Power and elections Stacy McCain in his piece on the Democrats Bernie Sanders problem had one of the greatest lines concerning elections and conventional wisdom that I’ve ever read:

Democrats and their media allies handled Biden gently, with the presumption that he would be the eventual nominee. Biden’s main argument was his “electability,” and he continued to lead national polls up until the actual voting began when Mister Electability began to lose, and lose, and lose again.

emphasis mine

Always remember Conventional Wisdom is always correct, right up until the moment it’s not.

In England A member of the Labor party said on National Television that babies are born without sex:

But when presenter Richard Madely suggested that babies are assigned a biological gender at birth, Butler interjected with a bizarre remark.

“When a child is born, they are identified and observed in a particular sex aren’t they?” Madely asked. Butler responded: “A child is born without sex, a child is formed without sex in the beginning.”

What’s even more amazing is this was in the context of the Labor party leadership fight

two Labour Party candidates hoping to become the next party leader backed a trans group’s call to expel anyone in the party who questions their interpretation of transgender ideology.

The trans advocacy group’s 12-point pledge includes the proviso that members must “support the expulsion from the Labour Party of those who express bigoted, transphobic views.”

Point four of the pledge emphasizes this point, stating that pledgers must also “accept that trans women are women, trans men are men, and non-binary people are non-binary.”

I’m old enough to remember when they called Christians “science deniers”

Was at Happy Jacks on Monday and noticed that CNN was all over the stock market drop over the Coronavirus concerns. It was really odd watching them leave the numbers on screen as they went on.

It’s my opinion that they are cheering for the virus in the hopes that it hurts the economy enough to dampen the President’s talking points on the strong economy.

Remember it’s all about the power.

Finally by the time this goes up the 2nd Episode of DaTechGuy’s Midnight Court, my revived podcast will be up on Youtube. Tentatively the planed showtimes are 12:30 AM Monday and 12:30 AM Friday’s one to start the week and one to end it with a half hour of me talking the issues of the day, week or whatever. This morning’s is here.

You’ll not that there are no bells and whistles because I don’t do bells and whistles either what I have to say is worth your time or it isn’t, but when all my bills are paid I’ll consider investing in them, but for now It’s going to be the laptop camera. If you want to watch the live stream and leave a comment or two you are more than welcome.

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