Jussie Smollett’s protector Kim Foxx faces Cook County voters in two weeks

By John Ruberry

February was a nasty month in Chicago. Not the weather, as it was pretty good. Just a day or two of sub-zero weather and no major snowstorms.

No, I’m talking about crime. Just as there are contested primaries in Cook County for state’s attorney, which consists of Chicago and its inner suburbs, on both the Democratic and Republican sides. There are three challengers to Kim Foxx in the Democratic side, two GOPers are battling for their party not.

Bill Conway seems to be the leading Dem challenge to the incumbent prosecutor.

Foxx, best known for her still not-fully explained decision to drop charges against alleged hate crime hoax charges against Jussie Smollett. A grand jury empowered by a special prosecutor issued new charges against the former Empire star last month, 

Murders of have been decreasing in Chicago since 2016 when there were 762. But last month there were 34 murders–ten more than in February, 2019, a 41 percent increase.

In 2019 there were 123 shootings in February. This February there were 166.

Carjackings are up too. As with murders in Chicago, the clearance rate is abysmally low, year to year, according to Hey Jackass, hovers around ten percent. But that clearance rate is declining. 

There are no figures on gangs of shoplifters in Chicago, but anecdotal evidence seems to indicate there are more of these roving mobs. Twice last month the ritzy North Michigan Avenue was hit. Both times no one was arrested. 

Foxx, a leftist, refuses to charge shoplifters with a felony who are caught steeling less than $1,000 in merchandise. The Illinois threshold is $300. Crime seems to pay in Chicago and suburban Cook County as long as you don’t get caught and especially if you don’t get too greedy.

Northeastern Illinois seems to be part of the wave that I called here the Age of the Criminal.

Election Day is March 17 here. Of course I’ll be taking a Republican ballot. 

UPDATE March 19: Cook County voters proved to me just how dumb they are. Foxx easily was won renomination two days ago. The Republican nominee is Pat O’Brien, who has my support.

John Ruberry regularly blogs at Marathon Pundit.

Levitical hand washing & the CoronaVirus

I was speaking to a friend at church who teaches Theology at a Catholic High school a few days ago and one of the things that she usually opens with are ways to verify the existence of God.

One of my favorite arguments for the existence of God came to mind when I saw piece after piece reminding you that one of the easiest ways to retard the Corona or other virus and flu is to simply wash your hands.

When it comes to preventing viral infections — especially those that spread via droplets from coughs and sneezes — washing the hands is always the first-line measure.

Now, in the midst of the recent coronavirus outbreak, correctly washing the hands remains public health officials’ top advice when it comes to controlling infection rates.

In their guidelines on how to prevent infection with the novel coronavirus, the World Health Organization (WHO) state that people should “[w]ash [their] hands frequently with soap and water.”

My “chapter old/new/psalms/Gospel a day or seven of each a week” system recently had me in Leviticus and one of the things that you see all over the place is in Levitical law is WASHING.

Washing cups, washing clothes, washing utensils, washing washing washing. And if you did any of the things that made you “unclean” (and thus needing to separate yourself from others) from touching a dead body to women in their periods, one of the things involved in becoming clean was you guessed it, washing. I tell you whoever had the washing concession among the people of Israel was going to make a fortune.

Why does this matter? Well consider that these are bronze age people who had a bronze age knowledge of Virus, disease, infection and microbes, which means practically none.

Yet somehow they were given a set of laws that mirrors basic advice on how to avoid the spread of germs. As I wrote ten years ago concerning Moses, the author of these books acting as God’s Stenographer concerning these laws:

Imagine him in the 21st century. Explain germs to him. Explain microbes to him, Explain the internal combustion engine, heart transplants and the internet to him. To say they would go over his head is the understatement of the year.

Leviticus doesn’t have God explaining to Moses what a virus was or how the spread of germs works. Instead he gives Moses laws and he accepts them, not because he has the eyes of modern man and understands that all of these rules concerning washing, avoiding blood, being “unclean”, becoming “clean” and avoiding things like promiscuity will help avoid disease among the hundreds of thousands of people packed together that he is managing, he accepts them simply as God’s laws because he is God’s man.

I submit it’s no coincidence that the Jews are one of the few ancient people whose cultural existence as they were still survives. Furthermore it seems to me that this would be a strong proof of the existence of God, after all if you were going to “choose” a people through whom the world would be blessed might you not give those people laws that give them an edge on survival?