Only Four More Years till the “Worse than Trump” or “Trump in sheep’s Clothes” Media Meme

This weekend Politico had a piece about some early Jockying among potential successors to the President for the GOP nomination in 2024.

It goes without saying that Vice President Pence will have the edge as the Vice President. Other logical candidates include Senator Ted Cruz (Assuming that President Trump doesn’t put him on the SCOTUS in his 2nd term) former Ambassador Nikki Haley, Senator Rick Scott, Senator Lindsey Graham. Perhaps we might even see a never Trump Favorite like Romney or maybe a technocrat like Charlie Baker try to jump in (if nothing else that would be amusing).

But no matter who is the eventual nominee no matter how wonky, how respectful, how proper, or anything else, I can guarantee you that the Media/Democrat/Left will define that person as WORSE THAN TRUMP!

It won’t matter if they never tweet, it won’t matter if they’ve been married once, loyal to their wife/husband. Regular church goers or with a history of good works and government experience behind them. The Democrats are going to define that person as the 2nd coming of Trump and thus the worst person in the world.

It’s going to be a lot of fun to try to turn the VP into Trump but I suspect it will be a lot more fun trying to see that played on someone else.

I know this is many years from now and there’s a lot to pay attention to but as it’s coming I thought I’d be the first to say it.