5 One Liners Under the Fedora

Given that the South Carolina Primary is the 1st Primary Race Joe Biden has won in all of his attempts at the Presidency what does that say about his chances of success against Donald Trump?

One side effect of the Corona Virus is that when nobody shows up for Chargers home games this season the front office will have a ready made excuse.

I don’t understand how anyone with any knowledge of the history of Communism can be surprised at this NY Post story concerning China’s decision to cover-up the existence of the Corona virus when first alerted at the start of the year?

I know a lot of us get peeved at the seemingly insane media bias of folks on CNN & MSNBC but if the difference between a regular six or seven figure paycheck was your willingness to spit out that kind of junk wouldn’t you think twice about risking it in a thin journalism market?

Funny how the list of big liberals getting destroyed by #metoo keeps growing.

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