DaTechGuy’s Midnight Court Podcast is Back Live Mon,Fri 12:35 AM EST

And now a shameless capitalism update

It’s been 18 months since I dropped my old podcast which was simply too much work but I’ve decided the time has come to revive it.

So DaTechguy’s Midnight Court is back and streaming LIVE at my youtube Channel Datechguyblog here.

I know the burning question on your minds.

Why now and why on earth do a live Podcast at 12:35 AM twice a week when people are least likely to be watching live? Why not on the weekend?

  1. I’ve noticed that there has been a drop in traffic and subscriptions lately. I need to raise an extra $180 or so a month so if I’m to convince people that we’re worth your time and your TipJar Hits I need to provide content. A live podcast is a great way to do so.
  2. Between my Catholic Radio show for wqph 89.3 FM (Your Prayer Intentions Saturday’s at noon) the face to face tabletop baseball league I’m commissioner of (Alternate Saturday’s at Zeda’s Pizza Fitchburg if you’re interested) The two online baseball leagues I’m currently running (interested in joining go here) writing for the blog, work and actual life with DaWife and family there aren’t a lot of time widows to do this
  3. I work till midnight Sunday-Thurs in a place where few people speak English and nobody talks much politics so when I get home at 12:20 and everyone in the house is asleep I’m just bursting with things to say. So it’s the perfect time to do it since I have to unwind anyways
  4. Frankly I like the challenge of trying to build an audience and there is no more challenging time to try that a time slot like that.

So far we’ve done three, here is the pilot which was kinda rough

Episode 2 Trump as a Kamikaze Scotsman

and Episode 3 on Conventional Wisdom

You’ll note there is no fancy studio or anything else. There’s me on the bed with the laptop camera and a mike. If you want bells and whistles, sound effects a colorful background and the like, you won’t find them on this podcast. (Oh and if you’re wondering where DaWife is ,due to hip problems she’s had to sleep on the recliner as we can’t afford one of those hospital beds. If (hopefully when) that clears up I’ll move to the Podcast to the Kitchen or the Den)

But if you liked the old DaTechguy on DaRadio show and want to hear me on the issue of the day, along with some culture, sports, religion then this is the podcast for you.

Let me know what you think and if you want to help me pull in that extra $180 a month, feel free to kick in.

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