A Basic Compare and Contrast

The letter of the day is I

by baldilocks

It turns out that you can compare apples to oranges.

On Monday, Iran’s Ministry of Health released new data concerning the coronavirus. It said that 66 people have died from the virus while 1501 have been infected. But given the Health Ministry’s propensity for lying, the figure for those dead and infected is likely much greater.

The rampant spread of coronavirus in Iran was a problem largely the result of the Islamic Republic’s own making. In early February, Iranian officials were aware of a potential problem in the city of Qom, where a shrine holy to Shia Muslims served as a breeding ground for the transmission of the virus. Yet authorities took no action to quarantine the city or even warn residents to take safety precautions. The shrine still remains open to visitors and video has recently emerged showing people licking the shrine.

By the time health officials began taking action, it was a case of too little too late. Iran’s Deputy Health Minister, Iraj Harirchi, downplayed claims made a city lawmaker that deaths from COVID-19 had reached 50 and said that he would resign from his post if that assertion was accurate. A day later, Harirchi became a victim of COVID-19 and was under quarantine but not before he was observed coughing on those adjacent to him during the previous day’s press briefing. Several other Iranian diplomats and parliamentarians have since been infected, and at least two have died including a senior adviser to Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Iran’s bumbling and incompetence in dealing with the health crisis can be attributed to the Islamic Republic’s unwillingness to acknowledge weakness and vulnerability.


Iran’s handling of the crisis stands in marked contrast to how its arch nemesis Israel is addressing the issue. While Iranian officials are spewing little else but propaganda, the Israelis are at the forefront of inventing cures and treatments for the coronavirus.

The Migal Research Institute, an Israeli company based in Galilee has announced that they are on the cusp of developing a coronavirus vaccine. The company had been developing a vaccine for coronavirus in chickens and recognized that they could tweak their vaccine to combat coronavirus in humans. According to Migal’s CEO, David Zigdon, a vaccine for humans could be ready in a few months.

In addition to vaccinations, the ability to rapidly test for the presence of coronavirus is critical. To that end, researchers at Israel’s Bar-Ilan University have developed technologies that drastically reduce the time needed to analyze saliva samples for the presence of COVID-19. This technology reduces the time to analyze a sample from an hour to approximately 15 minutes.

There are more interesting details, but back to the fruit …

Both are good; similar but different. Neither is better than the other.

However, when the apple releases its seeds to fall to the ground, it preserves its progeny and bears more apples. And when the orange withholds its seed, it and all its seed rot away.

Choices matter.

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Quinnen Williams and another opportunity to change the gun narrative

Gun Case, from eBay

Democrat presidential candidates continue to dominate the news with calls for increasing gun control measures. They are quick to cite fake statistics about gun violence and use every tragedy to maximum extent. While President Trump has remained pro-Second Amendment, he hasn’t pushed much in terms of a counter-narrative recently. The recent arrest of New York Jets player Quinnen Williams provides a great opportunity to strike back.

Quinnen was arrested recently in LaGuardia Airport for gun possession. Most of the headlines would have you believe he walked into the airport with a loaded weapon and attempted to board a flight. That’s not what happened. Quinnen brought an unloaded firearm in his checked luggage into the airport. He had a permit for the weapon, but it was from Alabama, not New York. In typical New York fashion, he was immediately arrested and faces a felony possession charge.

New York gun laws are ridiculous. Even if you aren’t a state resident, the state of New York requires regularly attempts to enforce local laws on you. This is key because LaGuardia is particularly notorious for violating the Federal Owners Protection Act (FOPA), which allows transportation of firearms between states. But as noted at NRA’s website:

Special advisory for New York & New Jersey airports: Despite federal law that protects travelers, authorities at JFK, La Guardia, Newark, and Albany airports have been known to enforce state and local firearm laws against airline travelers who are passing through their jurisdictions. In some cases, even persons traveling in full compliance with federal law have been arrested or threatened with arrest. FOPA’s protections have been substantially narrowed by court decisions in certain parts of the country, particularly in the Northeast. Persons traveling through New York and New Jersey airports may want to consider shipping their firearms to their final destinations rather than bringing them through airports in these jurisdictions.

NRA-ILA website

Personally, I hate flying through New York anyway, and unless I have to, I won’t use their airports. Perhaps a long-term boycott by gun owners would be in order?

Quinnen obviously attempted to follow the law. He wasn’t walking into an airport with a loaded weapon. His story shows that attempting to follow the rules doesn’t matter to New York, where its OK to pick and choose what federal laws you follow. This makes him the perfect person to hold up and challenge the ongoing gun narrative. His case may be one to help challenge, and ultimately change, some of New York’s onerous rules on gun transportation.

This post represents the views of the author and not those of the Department of Defense, Department of the Navy, or any other government agency.

Five (well four) Non Political Thoughts plus daPodcast under the Fedora

There are few problems that can’t be, if not solved, made to feel less painful for an hour by finding a good small diner to sit and eat while reading a real good book. That clears the mind most excellently.

Speaking of small diners I was at my local one this morning nextdoor to the now closed Romano’s Market when I saw Michelle the young lady who Mike said 10 years ago could be a good butcher there with her five year old daughter. She’s back to being a full time Nanny and loves it but she does miss the shop and the people.

Simply seeing her there made me feel great, and it seems to me that a lot of the old Romano’s crowd has been finding itself at that diner lately.

Tax season is here and for some reason I just have not been motivated to get started I know the clock is ticking and there is a lot to do but nothing seems to be moving me.

I wonder if that’s a product of age?

My Dynasty All times great league is in playoff modes as of this writing the 1954 Cleveland Indians hold a 3-1 lead over the 1970 Orioles while the 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers and 1962 San Francisco Giants have yet to begin their series due to scheduling conflicts among the managers.

However we do have your MVP’s and Cy Young votes in

AL MVP Joe Dimaggio 1939 NYY NL MVP Gil Hodges 1955 Bkyn & Rosgers Hornsby 1929 Cubs (tie)

AL Cy Young Tex Hughson 1947 Bos, NL Cy Young Sandy Koufax 1965 LAD

Here are the leaders in the various categories overall leaders are in bold

Battling AL Dimaggio 39 NYY .373, NL Hodges 55 Brk .371

OBP AL Williams 46 Bos .456 NL Hodges 55 Brk .456

Slug AL Simmons 29 Phil (AL) .651 NL Hodges 55 Brk .639

OB+Slug AL Dimaggio 39 NYY 1.070 NL Hodges 55 Brk 1.095

Runs AL Dimaggio 39 NYY 142 NL Mays 62 SF 150

Hits AL Dimaggio 39 NYY 228 NL Hodges 55 Brk 225

Doubles AL Greenberg 34 Det 75 NL Hodges 55 Brk 46

Triples AL Goslin Wash, Rice Wash 24 NL Hopp 42 Stl 21

Home Runs AL Powell 70 Balt Simmons 29 Phil (AL) 42 NL Aaron 57 Mil 51

RBI AL Greenberg 34 Det 159 NL Wilson 29 Cubs 159

Stolen Bases AL North 73 Oak 18 NL Wills 65 LAD 80

Walks AL Williams 46 Bos 160 NL Robinson 55 Brk 116


ERA AL Hughson 46 Bos 2.94 NL Seaver 69 Mets 2.19

Wins AL Blue 73 Oak 20 NL Drysdale 65 LAD Newccombe 55 Brk 21

Losses AL Fischer 34 Det 19 NL Johnson 71 Pit 20

Saves AL Klinger 46 Bos 32 NL Labine 55 Brk 24

Blown Saves AL Narleski 54 Cle 5 NL Bolin 62 SF McMahon 57 Mil 7

Innings Pitched AL Blue 73 Oak 279 NL Seaver 69 Mets 279 2/3

Strikeouts AL Grove 29 Phil (AL) 211 NL Koufax 65 LAD 323

All stats below require a min of 154 IP to qualify

K per 9 inn AL Earnshaw 29 Phil (AL) 7.30 NL Koufax 65 LAD 10.98

BB per 9 inn AL Hughson 46 Bos 1.50 NL Newcombe 55 Brk 1.43

Avg against AL Blue 73 Oak .204 NL Seaver 69 Mets .180

WHIP AL Hughson Bos 1.05 NL Koufax 65 Lad 0.93

HR per 9 Inn AL Garcia 54 Cle 0.40 NL O’Dell SF 0.48

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