Mixed Feelings on the Exclusion of Tulsi Gabbard from the Next Dem Debate

To nobody’s surprise now that Tulsi Gabbard has managed to meet the standards for inclusion in the next rounds of Democrat debates, the Democrats have, you guessed it, changed the rules.

Now the Democrats would have a lot more credibility in their explaination that this is just the normal progression in how they are doing things if:

  1. The field was still too large to accommodate a third person running
  2. Tulsi Gabbard had not previously appeared in a debate
  3. They didn’t already change the rules to allow Mike (I bought the congress for you) Bloomberg onstage

Furthermore it’s worth noting that just two weeks ago the same conventional wisdom that say Gabbard has no prayer said that Joe Biden was finished.

However with the Democrat establishment firmly in the drivers seat and still angry that Gabbbard voted against one of the articles of impeachment and took out Kamala Harris of race there is virtually no change that this is going to change.

I think this is actually a sign of fear on their part. Gabbard single handedly turned Kamala Harris from a frontrunner in the Democrat race to a failure and if put on a stage next to two 70’s men, one a socialist and one who is shall we say “challenged mentally” is likely to destroy them.

That’s rather unfair but I look on the bright side, because while I think that Donald Trump has this in a walk, of Biden, Sanders and Gabbard only Tulsi has the best chance of the three to pull and upset, and it’s not close.

So by all means keep her off the stage.

One thought on “Mixed Feelings on the Exclusion of Tulsi Gabbard from the Next Dem Debate

  1. Tulsi is the one Democrat that concerns me against Trump. She is more Democrat than Leftist wackjob. She’s well spoken, doesn’t make big gaffes, she doesn’t yammer about creating a Progressive (nice Fascist) government, attractive, and doesn’t back down, nor does she typically go for insults. She seems to be attempting to kill them with kindness. She’s somewhere between Obama and Joe Manchin.

    The hardcores in the Dem party loath her, but, were she to win the nomination they would vote for her, you don’t get #NeverWhoevers on that side like we have #NeverTrumpers, and, she would catch a lot of middle ground voters.

    But, she’ll never get there unless Biden and Comrade Bernie keel over.

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