Is Joe Biden a moderate? Checkout his campaign website

It has been often reported by the liberal media, and even some on the political right, that Joe Biden is a moderate.  My immediate reaction to these statements is that they are a bunch of bunk. After studying his positions and statements on issues I knew he is nearly as far  to the left as Bernie Sanders.  To confirm this I checked out the Biden for President official website.  Here are his positions on some of the most important issues.  All quotes are from his campaign website and all emphasis is from the website.

Joe Biden still is completely all for ObamaCare, which was a socialist takeover of our healthcare industry.

As president, Biden will protect the Affordable Care Act from these continued attacks. He opposes every effort to get rid of this historic law – including efforts by Republicans, and efforts by Democrats. Instead of starting from scratch and getting rid of private insurance, he has a plan to build on the Affordable Care Act by giving Americans more choice, reducing health care costs, and making our health care system less complex to navigate.

Because Joe Biden supports the public option rather than the full Medicare for All, he is slightly more moderate on healthcare than Sanders.  He is only slightly less to left of Sanders because the public option has always been a stealthy installment plan way of eventually reaching an entirely government run healthcare system.

Giving Americans a new choice, a public health insurance option like Medicare. If your insurance company isn’t doing right by you, you should have another, better choice. Whether you’re covered through your employer, buying your insurance on your own, or going without coverage altogether, the Biden Plan will give you the choice to purchase a public health insurance option like Medicare. As in Medicare, the Biden public option will reduce costs for patients by negotiating lower prices from hospitals and other health care providers.

As you can see from this quote on gun control Joe Biden is very much a radical leftist.

It’s within our grasp to end our gun violence epidemic and respect the Second Amendment, which is limited. As president, Biden will pursue constitutional, common-sense gun safety policies.

As president Joe Biden would use executive orders to drastically infringe on our right to bear arms.

Joe Biden also knows how to make progress on reducing gun violence using executive action. After the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012, President Obama tasked Vice President Biden with developing both legislative proposals and executive actions to make our communities safer.

Here is a very radical gun control proposal.

Hold gun manufacturers accountable. In 2005, then-Senator Biden voted against the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, but gun manufacturers successfully lobbied Congress to secure its passage. This law protects these manufacturers from being held civilly liable for their products

Here are three more gun control quotes from his website.  Judge for yourself whether they are radical or moderate.

Get weapons of war off our streets. The bans on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines that Biden, along with Senator Feinstein, secured in 1994 reduced the lethality of mass shootings.

Buy back the assault weapons and high-capacity magazines already in our communities. Biden will also institute a program to buy back weapons of war currently on our streets.

Reduce stockpiling of weapons. In order to reduce the stockpiling of firearms, Biden supports legislation restricting the number of firearms an individual may purchase per month to one.

That last quote is one of the most radical positions I’ve encountered.  The government at any level has no right to tell anyone how many guns they can own.

The immigration section of the Joe Biden Website is very lengthy and very far to the left.  Here is the most telling quote,

Creates a roadmap to citizenship for the nearly 11 million people who have been living in and strengthening our country for years. These are our mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters. They are our neighbors, co-workers, and members of our congregations and Little League teams.

This one quote is an attempt to appear more centrist. Democrats have promised border security but have never delivered.

As president, Biden will finish the work of building a fair and humane immigration system–restoring the progress Trump has cruelly undone and taking it further. He will secure our border, while ensuring the dignity of migrants and upholding their legal right to seek asylum.

On the environment Joe Biden is very much a radical leftist.  As you can see he fully supports the Green New Deal which is a 90 trillion dollar laundry list of liberal dreams and desires.

Biden believes the Green New Deal is a crucial framework for meeting the climate challenges we face. It powerfully captures two basic truths, which are at the core of his plan: (1) the United States urgently needs to embrace greater ambition on an epic scale to meet the scope of this challenge, and (2) our environment and our economy are completely and totally connected.

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In the US it’s the “Perfect” time for the Corona/Wuhan Virus

Leonard: Yeah, you can’t stay in your apartment for the rest of your life

Raj: Why not? With online shopping and overnight delivery, I can get anything I want. Look, I just ordered a case of Dinty Moore beef stew and two live lobsters on Amazon.

Leonard: Lobsters overnight?

Howard: Oh, you’re kidding. Let me see. Well, I’ll be. Look, you can throw in a couple steaks and have a surf and turf

Leonard: The surf and turf sounds good. See if they have corn on the cob.

BernadetteGuys, we’re trying to get him out of here, not you in.

The Big Bang Theory The Monster Isolation 2013

And no I don’t mean in terms of the Democrats and their m-m-m-my Corona bit.

I mean in terms having a society that is in a position to cope with this situation while still functioning.

Consider the following. During the Spanish flu epidemic 100 years ago that killed thousands, watching a baseball game would have been taking your life in your hands.

Today not only can fans watch just about every game on TV but March Madness and the NBA & NHL playoffs (when they resume) are available both on TV and streaming, but unlike 20 years ago when you’d have to hit a bar to see it on a good high def screen is an affordable item.

Consider colleges, Many colleges are not holding classes because of the current virus situation, however with streaming and teleconferencing a professor is in a position to not only teach a class but interact with students in person or as a group so their physical presence is not vital.

20 or 30 years ago paying your taxes, or registering your car, or getting the water bill or electric bill paid meant standing in a long line. Today all of this can be done online with a few click and thanks to electronic transfer of funds, even those without the net can likely pay by phone.

Furthermore many of the jobs involved here are jobs that can be done remotely. In 2004 when I 1st started working remotely it was a novel thing. Today tens of millions in the US have that ability to do useful work without leaving the home.

Even industries that are traditionally not done remotely can adapt. With a smart phone, online or remote payment and a few people ready to drive, a local supermarket can institute a delivery system fairly quickly, thanks to doordash your local restaurant can get your favorite dish to your home without a lot of fuss. Cripes even McDonald & Wendy’s delivers these days

And I haven’t even mentioned Amazon or Netflix or facebook which means that movies, TV shows, books and social and personal interaction is an easy thing to achieve and just about any product and service we need can be delivered to our door with minimal contact.

And of course there is gaming. Online gaming is a staple of entertainment so you can have a blast with friends or even alone and not even leave the house (might I suggest Dynasty Baseball as I’m about to start a new league).

Cripes even vice is safer (although not for the soul) as dancing around a pole in front of a bunch of drunk men in a club can be replaced by a web cam where you don’t have to have a bouncer ready to act for your safety.

In short even if government finds it necessary to limit contact in public spaces and people retreat to their homes to isolate themselves during this crisis we as a society have reached a point where such isolation, while an inconvenience will not be crippling.

Of course this is not true for everyone. Mom and pop stores will suffer, buffet restaurants will suffer (although they can sell and deliver by the pound) and medical facilities and jobs that require regular physical contact with others will still be communities at risk, not to mention the warehouse workers who will need to deal with Christmas like volume when this becomes the norm.

However we are damn lucky that this virus hit in 2020 and not a Century or even a decade earlier