Cancel Culture Corona Style, Truck Drivers & Corona, Smart Pelosi Move, Dumb Media Moves, A few bodies too many under the Fedora.

We now have the NBA suspending their season and we might see the same come from the NHL and MLB soon.

Frankly I think if we are going to postpone events we should to it now, call off everything for March and April and then reevaluate for May. If it’s to be done do it quickly and get it over with.

It’s been often said you should hug a fracker today if you like the US being energy independent, but I say if you are isolating yourself from human contact make sure you (metaphorically) hug a trucker today.

Remember it will be US truck drivers driving alone or in pairs on US roads that will deliver the goods to the warehouses and locations that will allow millions to function from home during this crisis. They are the linchpin of the US economy which is why our enemies do all they can to support groups that want to restrict them or shut them down.

Nancy Pelosi made a point of volunteering that Bernie Sanders should not be forced out of the race for president and that the primary season should be allowed to run its course.

This is why she is the Democrat leader and not a pundit. She is smart enough to know that the math now favors Biden and that she is more likely to convince Bernie Bros to show up in November for Democrats by letting them vent in primaries than by trying to lock them out before it is over.

I watched the president’s speech on Corona the day after and then watched the media in general and Don Lemon in particular go insane over it after the fact.

Given this was one of the most measured speeches that President Trump has given and the seriousness of the crisis I’m starting to think the MSM is setting itself up for disaster if all doesn’t go bad enough.

Finally I was thinking of the TV show Cadfiel whose 1st episode was called: One Body too many when a murder hid a body among 90 slain after a battle.

I’d bet real money that in China that several activists who have been a pain in the neck will suddenly find themselves “victims” of the virus, as I suspect will be the case of Iran.

Oppressors gotta oppress.