Why Toilet Paper?

I swear the Demcorat/media who have gone all in on panic must have gone long on Scotts paper shares

My grand mother in law used to hoard Toilet Paper for reasons that I never quite understood but of all the things that are going on the hoarding of Toilet Paper makes the least sense to me.

Yes it’s a vital thing in the western world, and it’s something that doesn’t go bad so you can store it for quite a while, and I completely agree that when you are out of it, you really miss it but think about it.

  1. How much Toilet Paper do you use in a single “sitting”?
  2. How long does it take you to go through a roll in a normal week?
  3. Of all the things whose production might be curtailed by the pandemic, why on earth would Toilet paper be high on that list?

If you add those things together none of this makes any sense.

By an odd coincidence I was almost out of Toilet paper a few days ago and bought 8 rolls for the house. The supermarket was well stocked (and even had it on sale). Two days later the panic began and people began buying as if the world is coming to an end.

Now as I said this is a product that doesn’t go bad, that you will need for your entire life so in one sense all of this insanity is not going to do a lot of harm, other than promulgating an inordinate number of toilet humor, “scared shitless” jokes etc.

But until I see the local junkie’s at the street corners with rolls of Charmin I think I’ll refrain from being rolled by this like everyone else.

Prediction: Three months from now this is something a lot of us are going to be laughing about and lots of people are going to feel stupid about.

One thought on “Why Toilet Paper?

  1. We went to Costco last Monday for our usual bi-monthly buying trip. We got there just as they opened since we like to get there before the crowds. There were already people there hauling out big packages of TP and water. As we got inside, everyone there was headed in the same direction. My wife and I split up, her to the pharmacy section and me to the cleaning supplies. My wife said while you are there pick up a package of TP. I got the cleaning supplies on my list then headed back to where the TP is. It was all gone,18 minutes after the store opened. Even though we have more than enough TP to last a couple of months, and it wasn’t on our shopping list, my wife was anxious and annoyed that we didn’t get any. We joked about the feeling of panic, but we could both feel the anxiety and panic as well. It is contagious.

    Went back to the same Costco Thursday morning to pick up corned beef brisket (Costco’s is better than that at the local grocery.) This time the parking lot was completely full. We went inside and didn’t get a cart since we only wanted a couple of briskets. We got them and a few more small items (it is Costco after all) and then got in line to check out. Every checkout lane was open and every lane had minimum 20 carts waiting to check out. Carts piled high with food and water. No TP as they were all out long since. One lady was incredulous that we only had 5 items rather than a cart full of stuff. Took us 30 minutes in line to get checked out. Luckily everyone was courteous and polite, if determined.

    Have been to the grocery a couple of times since then, and also the dollar store. All busy and people seem to be getting more stressed and less courteous as time goes on.

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