Thoughts When it Ends Under the Fedora

One of the biggest questions in everyone’s minds is what will be happening once the official “social distancing” business is gone.

Will people still be too afraid to go to bars and restaurants? Will they be willing to go to sporting events? How spooked will people remain?

That will be a real consideration.

How about buffet restaurants like Golden Coral or even the lunch Buffet at Happy Jacks or the Chinese buffet at Chopsticks? Will people be willing to go? Will there be an insurance liability? Will it be worth it?

If there is one thing that might return it’s the Drive ins. You have social distancing and with cell phone these days you can call the snack bar and have things delivered to your car. There is one in Milford NH and I suspect it will be packed once it opens this year.

There is also the alternative, that once people figure out that it’s safe to go back in the water so to speak, and the reality is that it’s actually fairly safe now in the sense that the vast majority of people who get this virus will have moderate flu like symptoms at worst that people can’t wait to pack bars and restaurants and other places, where they are dying for human contact. I think this will really be big.

The biggest change of course will be in terms of trade. The reality is that virus’ have a limited life on various surfaces so if you have a cargo that has come via ship, there is almost no chance of any transmission but already we have people worried about unloading ships. The effects on China deserve a full post on it’s own but given the situation in Italy and other countries the effects on Trade will not be confined to them.

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