The Corona Election (non presidential edition)

We’ve talked a bit about how all this virus stuff is affecting the presidential election but we haven’t said much about how it’s affecting elections down race.

Right now if you are a sitting Governor in a state where there is an election coming up you are in the catbird seat. You not only pretty much have the stage to yourself which is big but you have the opportunity to demonstrate that you are a leader in a time of crisis which is even bigger.

Of course if you blow it, that’s an issue, but can a challenger even get facetime?

In the senate & House races again the advantage is the incumbent. They are in a position to make actual pronouncement from a position of authority while opponents can’t even campaign. The big thing is not to do anything stupid.

All of this applies of course down to the state and local level. If you are a sitting official then you have the floor, and how you use that floor will make all the difference.

This will all be judged by individual eyes when the time comes, but like any significant crisis we will find out what our Federal State and Local leaders are made of.

May we like what we see.

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