A Question for all our Democrat Friends Who are For Mail in Voting & No Voter Id. Why do you Trust Donald Trump so Much?

There is something that concerning the left and their attitude to mail in voting, and no ID at the polls that requires such logical gymnastics that it amazes me that nobody discusses it.

We have been told for years by the Bernie Bros in general and the Democrats in particular the big corporations can’t be trusted. That they use connections in the government to get favorable status over labor and individuals in order to gain wealth and power over them.

We are told that the oil companies, the drug companies, the mining companies and especially the banks are all conspiring to use the laws to feather their own nests and get their cronies in so they can build their wealth and power on the back of the people and the planet.

Furthermore we are told that the republican party in general and Donald Trump in particular are tools of these forces acting in their interests in order to send billions, maybe even TRILLIONS of dollars their way.

And not only that but according to our friends on the left President Trump used collusion and intimidation to get power and is using said power to hold that office for the sake of his own wealth and the wealth of his friends.

There is a solid 20% of the country that believes all of these things and as much as 45% who believe most of this, so I address the following question to all of you:

Given that all of the wealth and power that is available through the power of the government is at stake and further given that you already claim that Donald Trump has cheated in the last election and will do so in the next, why do you assume that the big corporations with millions at their fingertips, the Russians with billions at stake and Donald Trump who you distrust more than either would not use mail in voting and the lack of voter ID to commit fraud?

I mean given the billions at stake, their resources which would allow them to use a mail system or fake identities on a national scale to commit fraud it seems incredible that you would endorse such a system and trust Corporations, Putin and Trump not to try to game it. Why if we didn’t know better one might thing there was some other ulterior motive to this sudden trust of these folks.


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The great toilet paper shortage was caused by laws that prevent price gouging

Anti price gouging laws were enacted across this nation with the best intentions however they very often produce shortages of essential goods.  This is exactly what happened at the beginning of the Coronavirus crisis.  In a purely free market economy the shortage of toilet paper would have been mush less severe.  We probably would not have witnessed near riots and even fist fights over a shortage of this so necessary product.

When the mass buying toilet paper began and store inventories began to run low the store keepers should have automatically raised prices.  A drastic run on  toilet paper should have led to a drastic rise in the price.  This would have discouraged the mass buying and hording when inventories in the stores began to run low.

Because of the increased sale of toilet paper the store owners would have ordered more toilet paper from their suppliers who would then charge the store owners more if their supplies began to run low.  Quickly, because of free market forces the increased price and demand of toilet paper would have reached the manufacturers who would produce more and ship it faster down the supply chain to the stores.

Here is how the Foundation for Economic Education explained the factors behind the toilet paper shortage:

From an economic perspective, the value of toilet paper is much higher now than it was pre-pandemic. But with the price of toilet paper the same as it always was and not reflecting its increased value, there is nothing to prevent individuals from buying as much of it as possible. Indeed, that’s the rational consumer response. But if shopkeepers increased the price of toilet paper to reflect its new value, suddenly we would think twice about hoarding it and only take as much as we need. These rising prices would also signal supply chains of the increased value of toilet paper, prompting toilet paper manufacturers to boost production.

In natural disasters, like a hurricane or an earthquake or a pandemic, we often hear people decry “price gouging” and blame “greedy shopkeepers” for trying to profit off of misery. Yet, price gouging is an unfair term. If the shopkeeper raises the price of toilet paper (or hand sanitizer or bleach or eggs or any of the other items that are currently in high demand), then it incentivizes the consumer not to hoard and to buy only as much of an item as is truly needed. It’s not greedy, it’s responsive.

If the store charges too much customers will not buy the product or they will buy very little then the store will need to lower the price.  When more product becomes available the store will need to lower the price if it does not sell.  The store will eventually need to order less causing the price up the supply chain to fall signaling the producers to produce less.

Because of the price controls restricting the price the store can charge they are not able to pay their suppliers more.  The suppliers are not able to pay the manufacturers more.  There is no incentive for the producers to rapidly produce more and no incentive for the suppliers to rush the product down the supply chain resulting in delays in restocking shelves.

Government interference in the free market always produces far more negative results than positive no matter how well intentioned they are.  Unfortunately most colleges do not teach free market economics and politicians who  do not support anti price gouging laws are decried as monsters.

32 Years Ago today

The big decision this year is where do get get takeout from while on Quarantine and as I’m technically supposed to stay six feet from her during this quarantine it’s even more complicated since we have to eat it in different rooms

Such is life