AOC Biden, Reade the right thing and the smart thing

As a general rule the right thing is the smart thing.

Peter Michael Dominic Ingemi

There aren’t a lot of things I like about AOC. I respect her campaign that took advantage of an incumbent who paid little or no attention to his district (which is a proper argument) and while she is generally wrong, in fact amazingly wrong about many things but she’s dead right about confronting the Joe Biden situation vis a vis Tara Reade.

The congresswoman didn’t miss a beat before responding, siding with the questioner entirely. She said that the issue is totally legitimate and needs to be confronted, rather than just “silencing” anyone who tries to bring it up. (CBS News)

And there’s real irony about AOC speaking out:

Not only is this the right and consistent thing (as opposed to the silence of CNN and the spin of the NYT ) but how many #metoo people follow Rose McGowan who have heard of this? How many leftist read the amazing times interview about their coverage, and do Democrats REALLY think that Donald Trump is going to remain silent about this during the debates? He’ll not only destroy Biden with it, but he’ll destroy the media for ignoring it and will DEFINITELY bring up the Kavanaugh double standard.

Much smarter to get this resolved before the convention fight that is going to take place over it or the debate debacle that will come after it or when Biden’s female VP is asked about it by Mike Pence (or did nobody think of that)?

Apparently AOC did and the fact that she is apparently smarter than the entire Democrat establishment says something about them, and nothing nice either.

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