Five Quick Thoughts Under the Fedora, To Report or no, Hats off, Still not Reade, Red Dead work, and a deal with the Devil

Mayor DeBlasio has asked New Yorkers to take photos of people who are violating social distancing to report them. My question is what happens if the folks in question happen to be Illegal Aliens? Are they to be reported for social distancing or will they be exempt?

I think that’s an excellent question that deserves an answer.

I’m told they’re talking about a May 15 re-opening in Massachusetts. Can’t wait to go to the bank wearing a mask and see if I’m told: “I’m sorry we have a no hat policy, can you take it off please?”

The really amazing thing about what we’ve seen from the left can be summed up from a single line from this piece about Tara Reade at Mother Jones (via Hotair):

 The Mother Jones story states “Eight national organizations that advocate for sexual violence survivors did not respond to a request for a comment or interview.” These national organizations who exist solely to deal with issues like this are sitting in the background, choosing not to say anything which might damage the candidate. In other words, they are behaving just like Joe Biden himself.

I find it hilarious that people like Bernie Sanders have been asked about this but Joe Biden has not.

During the Quarantine I watched my son play the game Red Dead Redemption 2 for a while, which isn’t so much a game as it is a choose your own adventure move but there is one thing that caught my eye.

There are various mundane chores that you can do from feeding and bushing horses to hauling sacks and working around the camp that if done give you “honor” points and “experience”.

I wonder how many people who you have to get on their cases to take out the trash or clean their rooms, rake leaves, or sweep a floor don’t mind virtually doing the type of mundane tasks necessary for life?

A thought just hit me yesterday

It’ would fit his MO.

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