Who else has the Coronavirus Lockdown blues?

I’ve been having a difficult time coming up with a topics for my weekly articles.  After brooding about it I decided my problem is that this endless Coronavirus crisis has gotten me feeling quite down.  I’m suffering from the blues.  I know my suffering is trivial compared to those who have lost loved ones to the virus or compared to those who have been infected with the virus.  Compared to most I’ve got it quite good.  I’m just so worried about everything that’s going on and I’m heartsick about all of the suffering everyone else is dealing with.

Like most I’m wishing and praying that this nightmare will soon end.  Not knowing when the pandemic will end and how severe it will get before it’s all over are the two things weighing most heavily on me.  Unfortunately no one has any answers to these questions. All of the original models and so many of the experts have been proved so wrong.  It is wrong to blame anyone but the Chinese and the World Health Organization for this.

It is heartbreaking to know that so many have lost their livelihood because so many businesses have been forced to shut down.  I’m worried that when this is finally over far too many businesses will never reopen their doors, 

Going out to restaurants and bars with groups of friends and relatives was a pastime I engaged in quite often.   It is something I miss a lot.  Getting take out is not the same at all.  Who knows when anyone will be able to just sit and enjoy themselves in one of those fine establishments again.

Not being able to go where I please is something that bothers me a great deal.  I despise being told what I can and can’t do by the government at any level.  There is something completely un-American about that.  The American people will only put up with that for so long.  The demonstrations have already begun and will soon spread.  Hopefully those protesting take proper precautions against rapidly spreading the virus.  Unreasonable measures taken by the different government levels will only make the protests worse,

I pray that this nightmare will soon end with a minimal amount of future death and suffering.  That will be the best medicine for my blues and blues of everyone else,

One thought on “Who else has the Coronavirus Lockdown blues?

  1. The ripples of this shutdown may end up as a tsunami of worldwide grief. If our food output is down a significant percentage, worldwide hunger will increase. The crash in oil prices will lead to Nigeria being broke with over 200 million hungry.
    When our state mandated lockdown ends, the miserable waves will just be starting.

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