Joe Biden’s “Shoot Someone on 5th Avenue” Moment for Democrats

I remember a while back when the Billy Bush tape came out during the 2016 campaign old friend Stacy McCain wrote that Trump was finished “This election is over. Write “–30–” at the bottom and file it.”. If it had been a regular election year with a regular establishment milquetoast candidate facing a standard Democrat candidate he might have been right. However as it was Donald Trump facing Hillary Clinton he turned out (thanks be to God) to wrong be that day.

I mention that because he now has a piece about Joe Biden being finished:

My hunch is that this is just one more shoe dropping, in what will quickly become an avalanche of accusations against Biden. It’s kind of like what happened with Roy Moore. The guy had been in public life in Alabama for decades, and I’d followed Moore’s career since the 1990s, and never heard a word of any inappropriate behavior by him. Then all at once, Moore was accused by a half-dozen women of having harassed them when they were teenagers in the 1970s and ’80s. This avalanche effect has toppled many prominent men in the #MeToo era; once the first accusation of misconduct is made, the accusers seem to come out of the woodwork. One day you’re a senator or a movie star or a network news anchor, and next thing you know Gloria Allred’s holding a press conference with weeping “survivors” and your career’s over.

Once someone becomes a target of this machinery of destruction, the result is never really in doubt. If indeed Biden made the remark attributed to him, isn’t it likely he’s made similar remarks to other large-breasted girls? Of course it is, and now that the starting whistle of the #MeToo Accusation Derby has blown, every other woman who was ever an object of Biden’s interest will soon come forward to tell her tale.

Now it’s natural that Stacy thinks this, after all we’re reached a point where Kathleen Parker is hitting Democrats in general

In the aftermath of the Kavanaugh hearings, Ford became a symbol of women’s empowerment. She appeared on the cover of Time magazine and received awards and praise for her courage. She also suffered vicious social media attacks and threats, as did Kavanaugh and his family.

She has largely kept to herself since, which is surely good for her soul but is also a reminder of another lesson in the decades-long culture war over sexual harassment. Once the feminist power brokers are finished with you, they move on to slay other monsters. Unless it’s one of their own monsters.

And Andrew Sullivan hitting Joe Biden in particular

Joe Biden has been practicing “sexual violence” for decades: constantly touching women without their prior consent, ruffling and smelling their hair, making comments about their attractiveness, coming up from behind to touch their back or neck. You can see him do it on tape, on countless occasions. He did not stop in 2014, to abide by the standards he was all too willing to impose on college kids. A vice-president could do these things with impunity; a college sophomore could have his life ruined for an inept remark.

Biden is now claiming simply that he never did what Tara Reade said he did. Let’s posit that he didn’t. Too bad. If he were to attempt to defend himself, by his own campus logic, he would be barred any knowledge of what he was precisely accused of, even the identity of his accuser;

as hypocrites, but we haven’t reached a point where Parker or Sullivan has called him to drop out, in fact Sullivan declares bluntly he will vote for him “because Trump” which frankly doesn’t surprise me.

Furthermore it’s almost quaint to think that Gloria Allred or any of the various “woman’s” groups are going to vet or illustrate any of the existing woman or new women who come out concerning Biden, after all as soon as the Biden interview was done Jake Tapper was already pivoting to use it as an attack on Donald Trump and the LA Times actually ran a piece stating: “He’s not perfect but he’s not Donald Trump

‘Expert smoke screening’: CNN’s Jake Tapper shifts focus away from Biden to ask question about allegations against Trump (as ‘whataboutism’ detectors overheat)

And we already have one Biden guy out there playing the classic Bill Clinton line from the 1990’s

These “woman’s groups” don’t get their funding from women who like Reade until a few months ago, believed they were fighting for their rights, their bills get paid by big foundations acting as conduits for Democrat money to push the message of the day.

I’ll give the final word to Miss Allred’s daughter Lisa Bloom with my reply.

At least she’s honest about it.

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