DaTechGuy off DaRadio Podcast Livestream 9:30 AM EST: Calvin Munerlyn , Biden vs College Students, Biden vs Jarrett Stidham, Doctor Who becomes Doctor Karen

DaTechGuy’s off DaRadio podcast (DaTechGuy’s AM Court) livestream is back at 9:30 AM EST.

We’ll be talking about Calvin Munerlyn whose murder ALMOST was national news, Why the Patriots and the Democrats are in the same boat in terms of their leader, Joe Biden vs the Joe Biden College Standard and how Doctor Who became Doctor Karen (via Nerdrotic who did great work here)

You can catch the livestream right here

If you missed Monday’s podcast: Joe Biden’s Gunman on 5th Ave Moment catch it here. The full library of previous episodes of the Podcast the full playlist is here.

If you like what you see consider subscribing to the podcast (about 250 shy of being able to raise revenue the channel or as the point of the podcast is to raise an extra $180 a month, consider hitting DaTipJar.

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