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Last month at DaTechGuyblog:

The supposed reason is they are afraid of deaths from the Corona/Wuhan/CCP virus (although they aren’t apparently afraid of deaths from surgeries that don’t happen, or other side effects of an economy crashing and burning) but I submit and suggest this is not the case, because people are making an assumption that I don’t think is true.

The assumption people are making is that the people outraged by this move have the same goal as the Governor, the ability to safely re-open the economy without dying by the virus. I think this is not the case.

I don’t think they are afraid of people dying from the Corona/Wuhan/CCP virus, I think they’re afraid they won’t!

What happens if some business open and things work out? What happens if the supply chains are able to supply, people are allowed to shop, eat or function as normal and the economy roars?

Then Americans go back to work, then unemployment drops, then wealth returns to the middle class without government aid. While this would be a great help to the vast majority of the American people, who does it hurt?

The Democrats and the left, because if all these things come back then they are in the same spot that they were in two months ago, facing a president with a booming economy, foreign policy success and the lowest black and Hispanic unemployment in history in an election year:

The Left Isn’t Afraid Georgians Will Die, They’re Afraid they WON’T 4/23/20

Don Surber yesterday:

Its list of scary stories included CNN reporting, “As some Southeastern US states start to reopen, Georgia is projected to see its number of daily Covid-19 deaths nearly double by early August, according to a model shared by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and created by independent researcher Youyang Gu.

“The epidemiological model, which provides projections for 40 countries and every US state, has been included among the seven models CDC highlights on its website for Covid-19 forecasting.

“Gu said Tuesday that his model is based on an epidemiological methodology called SEIS, which stands for susceptible, exposed, infectious, susceptible modeling.”

It is not August, of course, so there is a possibility that we are all going to die but deaths are not what is feared by the media subsidiaries of globalist conglomerates such as CNN owner AT&T.

They fear life.

The Nurse Ratchets of the media fear that if the good people of Georgia start walking on sunshine, everyone will. Why, there may be surfing safaris and the like. We cannot have such behavior.

And so the Guardian reported on April 21, “Georgia mayors alarmed by governor’s ‘reckless’ plan to reopen economy.”

Three weeks later, the worst fear of Democrat mayors in Georgia is coming true. The people they held hostage through fear and intimidation are not dying.

They are living.

The fear is not that people will die; it’s that people will live Don Surber 5-11-20

Once again the left’s projections of doom become a bust

And what happens if in lets say two weeks, Red States with GOP governors are open and thriving and blue states with Democrat governors or veto proof democrat legislatures don’t? I suspect stuff like this:

And this (also via Don Surber)

ITEM 17: The Denver Post reported, “A Castle Rock restaurant drew crowds Sunday when it reopened fully for Mother’s Day in defiance of Colorado’s public health order that limits restaurants statewide to takeout and delivery services.

“Customers packed C&C Coffee and Kitchen on Trail Boss Drive Sunday, filling tables, a patio and forming a line out the door for dine-in service.

“Gov. Jared Polis’ office on Sunday issued a statement calling such conduct illegal and dangerous.”


Good luck finding a jury that will uphold his imperial order.

The worst part for the left will be the knowledge that they did this to themselves.

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