Cheap Chicago Thug Worried About Being Outed as Cheap Chicago Thug

In many ways the Obama years were an image of what the Nixon might have been if the press was solidly republican and saw their duty as defending him.


There is a reason why Jackie Robinson integrated baseball and Choo Choo Coleman didn’t.

When you’re afraid to talk to school kids on the record…

I remember the day that Barack Obama was sworn in I wrote my 1st ranking of the presidents and said this:

President Elect Obama has the potential to end up anywhere on his list.  The trick is not to under rate him due to unreal expectations or overrate him due to his unique place in history.  Lets hope he earns high ratings due to high performance.  As of today it will come down to the economy and the war on terror but who knows what tomorrow will bring?  If he is really bad then he has the potential to help propel GWB much higher on the list.

It will be fun to find out.

Well it wasn’t all that much fun. On the day he was elected I had a great job, great benefits while working from home (not due to a plague either) and making more money than I ever did working in the field I trained in. By the time President Trump was elected I was a temp with no benefits working in a warehouse only making over minimum wage because of the 3rd shift differential. After three years I’m not back where I was but I’m no longer a temp, I have good benefits and my pay is up 42% from that low.

So when I was writing my revised ranking of the presidents at the time there question wasn’t which tier he would rank in but where in the lowest rank he would be:

 He ranks below WH Harrison because Harrison died within a month of being sworn in and doing nothing would have been better than the Obama years.

How sad is it that a literal “Do nothing” president is far superior to Obama

Turns out thanks to the unsealing of the Flynn information it seems he was even worse than I thought (confirming Glenn Reynolds theory that the offensive vs Trump was about covering this up) as Glenn said:

The thing is, why spy on Trump when everybody expected Hillary to win? I think the answer is that they wanted to gather dirt they could use to destroy him and discredit his supporters after the election was over. See this, for example:

So I think it wasn’t so much about winning an election through dirty tricks, but about something even dirtier, looking for a way to prosecute and bankrupt Trump after he lost, as a warning to others. An awful lot of people involved in this should wind up in jail, disbarred, and unemployed.

These are the actions of a thug, not of a historic presidency and as long as these actions could be divorced from the president directly, Barack Obama would have been content to live the good life that has been given him.

But now that is threatened if this investigation goes further (and if President Trump gets re-elected it will) then the reality that he was just a cheap inexperienced Chicago machine poll who brought the tactic of the corrupt Chicago machine to DC. Thus he has spoken up to try to counter the narrative.

The irony of course is that the black community is so invested in the myth of Barack Obama that if documentary evidence of him profiting directly from the current African slave trade with video of him running the auctions they would explain it away for the sake of the myth. I suspect the reality is his real concern are the liberal movers and shakers who help finance his lifestyle and that if it comes out that he was Nixon on steroids the offers might dry up.

Between the Flynn revelation and the sudden interest south of the border in Fast and Furious (an interest our press never had) the myth of Obama can be shattered permanently.

The press of course (and apparently the judge presiding) will do all it can to prevent this but given their record of success lately I suspect President Obama doesn’t trust any of them to the job for him.

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  1. Thug? That might be kind. Remember that the “easiest decision” he ever made as president was to kill an American citizen with a Hellfire missile without due process of law.

  2. The day obama was elected I ran a boat building company with 250 people putting out 150 boats a month. By his second term we had 60 people & where building fiberglass wheel barrows & mailboxes & only 20 or so boats a month. We’re not completely back to full production but getting there. Well till the china flu hit .

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