Five Riotous Thoughts Under the Fedora

If you had to pick the most significant bit of news concerning the riots over the last few days I’d pick the fact that this tweet

Was followed by this one:

Anyone who presumes these officials will not try to spin this to protect their voter base is a fool.

I found this bit of news significant as well:

Because these people who have destroyed business and jobs deserve the money much more than owners of small business’ who lost everything.

I have an odd suspicion that none of their homes or business are threatened by riots and that the people who protect them are armed. FYI, When I told DaWife she wanted the list so productions including them could be avoided in the future. It will be interesting to see how sponsors of their shows will be treated as well.

I’ll bet real money that on TV shows and in movies over the next few years the armed protesters, condemned by the MSM & CNN who protested the lockdowns will be portrayed as violent villains in TV shows all over the networks and streaming services by Hollywood scriptwriters of film and TV.

Alas while that will be a more popular choice for the Hollywood left than portraying this week’s rioters as criminals in drama it will be a more expensive one too because while you only have to turn on a TV to find extensive footing of riots, arson and pillage from these “protests” that the media support you can search high and low on the internet and you won’t find any footage of the reopen protesters doing any of this.

Unexpectedly of course.

This would seem to be a bad visual for a union leadership:

While I suspect the rank and file might have different ideas I think the cities & taxpayers in question should keep that news in mind next time these unions look for a raise.

Finally I have a relative who lives in the Minneapolis St. Paul Area who I’ve known since he was born. He is a big lib and despises Donald Trump. I sent him a DM inquiring about the well being of him , his kids etc. He and all of his are safe but…

the plaza we shop at by our house (Target, CVS, etc) all looted, burned down, destroyed etc.)

Side note. With the bullshit coverage of the riot by the MSM and the non action of MN leadership during the RIOTS I’ll wait in line for hours in a mask and vote for Trump in November.

I don’t think this is having the political result the left/media think it is going to have

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