Four Questions for The Democrats, the Media and Black Lives Matter

The Democrat / Media / Left have managed to insert quite a few false premises into the national conversation thanks to the death of George Floyd in Minnesota. Before I agree to consider accepting them I have four questions that need answering

Question 1: Why does the Democrat/left BLM think it’s OK to lump all Police in with a bad cop in Minneapolis but objects to lumping all protesters in with rioters, looters & arsonists

Question 2: How is it that The Democrats / left / media insist that guns can only be trusted in the hands of the police and government when they also insist that police can’t be trusted to use force?

Question 3: Right now the big twitter trend is on the left is #DefundThePolice If the Democrat/left/BLM believe there should be no police then who should enforce the law? What happens when a person assaults or robs or murders someone. Who will they go for protection? Gangs? The army, The Mafia? Privates organization of Citizens? Or will they be expected to defend themselves (without arms if the left has their ways?

Question 4: Since the Media the left and blacklivesmatter insist that the statement “all lives matter” is beyond the pale can they tell us do

  • Hispanic Lives matter
  • Jewish Lives matter
  • Arab lives matter
  • Oriental lives matter
  • White lives matter

If not why not?

I submit and suggest that pols, corporations and individuals considering supporting would be well advised to get answers to these questions before they do.

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28 thoughts on “Four Questions for The Democrats, the Media and Black Lives Matter

  1. Great questions, but we all know the Left can’t and won’t respond to them…because they have no logical and comprehensible answers for them.

  2. Whenever I see someone saying #DefundThePolice, I ask, “Does that include the Secret Service details for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama?”

  3. Remember: for someone to suffer from cognitive dissonance, one must first be capable of cognition.

  4. I’ve spent my entire adult life (59 years) listening to and participating in the punk rock music scene. The idiocies of marxism, anarchy, and utopian nihilism runs rampant. To answer the question of who will do police stuff if there’s no police is answered by 1) The existence of laws and police creates crime and lawlessness, and 2) In the new system people who decide to do that will assume police-type roles if the need arises.

  5. No sweat, I can answer them all!



    3. rAcIsT!!!

    4. RAAAAACYST!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I’d put my money on Diogenes completing his quest before you get answers to those questions.

  7. Saying Oriental rather than Asian and question four in general undermines the ability of conservative to show themselves as culturally aware and interest in justice.

    Only deliberately obtuse folks have failed to realize that BLM is focusing on the particular discrepancy of Black people being killed by police at higher rates than other groups. They over and over and over again have explained that it isn’t indifference to the lives of other groups that motivates the slogan but that the racial discrepancy demands attention and particular redress.

    We would all be better off to get off the fighting about the expression All LIves Matter BS once and for all. Yes, all lives matter, but there’s a particular racial problem right now. Quit pretending that your apparent indifference to this problem is because you are concerned about slighting other lives from groups who don’t bear the same burden in interactions with police.

    You undermine conservative arguments generally when you add gratuitous inflammatory stuff. Conservatives do believe in civil liberties. Conservative believe in equal justice under the law. When one group in missing out on that in a statistically measurable way, it’s okay to point that out in a way that names that group by ethnicity. Quit posting stuff that indicates that conservatives don’t care about Black lives.

    1. “When one group in missing out on that in a statistically measurable way,…”
      It’s not.

    2. “Yes, all lives matter, but there’s a particular racial problem right now.”

      Not really, no. There’s particular racial problems in how things are *reported*.

      White people aren’t protected from police abuse. *Rich* people are. Poor white people get killed unjustly by the police, too, but without any of the attention.

      Even ignoring that, the whole claim is complicated by some very hard and very difficult facts that people don’t like to acknowledge. The single most relevant one to policing is that black people commit murder at approximately 8 times the rate of white people, yet only get killed by police twice as often.

      Other fun facts: more police have been killed by blacks than blacks killed by police (even including the fully justified ones) this year, and that was true before the current riots. Also, blacks are over-represented in every violent crime category, almost all of them by at least double (with many over 4x) – that would lead to *far* more interactions with the police, which is, inherently, going to give more opportunities for mistakes, accidents, and yes, intentional bad behaviour.

      **OF COURSE** none of that justifies what happened to Floyd. But it does put a very large hole in the larger claims about society that Floyd’s murder is being used for.

      The police can and do get away with murder, and that problem is *much* larger and more serious than just a racial grievance. The racial grievance part is the smallest part. Fix the real problem, and *all* races benefit.

    3. Well, aren’t you part of the problem! TWICE AS MANY WHITE GUYS ARE KILLED BY POLICE EVERY YEAR. You may want to ask yourself WHY that statistic is NEVER discussed in the MSM. I’ll answer it for you-because it DOESN’T LEND ITSELF TO MARXIST PANDERING BY DEMOCRATS. Oh, BTW, some of those dead white guys are killed by black, hispanic and ORIENTAL police officers.

    4. Ah, statistics. You cite the disproportionality of the number of blacks killed by police by using the number of black people in America. And it is disproportionate. But now do the math on the number of blacks killed by police divided by the number violent crimes committed by blacks (the vast majority young black men) and see if your ratio is different. George Floyd is an outlier that is being used to falsely claim that it is the norm. Different matter, but related, is the fact that blacks kill other blacks at 10x the number that are killed by law enforcement, and at least 100x more than unarmed blacks killed by cops. All cops, including black cops killing black suspects.

      A similar assertion is made by people who bemoan the “disproportionate” discipline of black kids in school. Disproportionate to what? Not the number of behavior incidents that caused the teacher or school administrator to discipline the child. Unless you believe that urban public school teachers, among the most liberal population in the country, are inherently racist in who they choose to discipline.

      There are many good conservative arguments for the limitation of government power, including reducing police power and abuse. Unions protect the bad cops, courts protect the bad cops through qualified immunity, civil forfeiture is law enforcement theft, cops have an extremely and absurdly low threshold for justifiable homicide (far more lenient than any non-government citizen) and are way too quick to escalate and use deadly force, etc. BLM is a side show.

    5. Your stats are wrong re blacks being killed more often from police than any other race. Check the stats – white males are killed more often than blacks by the police. The media just does not highlight these cases, but the statistics nation wide are available.

  8. I’ll answer Question 4. When you see “Black Lives Matter”, imagine an extra word on the end, the word “too”, so that the whole slogan reads “Black Lives Matter Too.” That’s the meaning of the slogan.

    “Black Lives Matter Too” has a different meaning from “All Lives Matter”, because the latter slogan takes the focus off of black lives, and the goal of the movement is to focus on systemic racism in police forces against people who are black. That’s it. “Black Lives Matter” is not saying other lives don’t matter – of course they do!

    No one using the BLM slogan is saying that other people don’t face forms of bigotry, or even, in particular, that other people don’t face systemic racism by members of the police. No one is saying anything about white people, hispanic people, etc.

    And the BLM movement isn’t saying that all cops are bad. Of course there are awesome & amazing police officers! The BLM movement is saying that racism in police forces is all too common a problem.

    No one is being excluded by the slogan “Black Lives Matter” – it is a slogan which can be embraced by anyone, of any race, of any profession. It certainly can be adopted by police officers who are against treating black people differently from anyone else. If you use the slogan, you are protesting systemic racism against black people.

    You might wonder: “But what’s so bad about ‘all lives matter’? Here’s how it was explained to me: Suppose you are having a heart attack and you run into an emergency room and yell “Help! I think I’m dying!” Now imagine someone waiting to be treated for a broken arm hears you and replies “Well, we’re all dying, you know that right? We’re all going to die eventually. Why are you making this all about you?”

    Just as being inclusive takes the focus off the emergency nature of your heat attack, “all lives matter” takes the focus off the nature of discrimination against black people. The BLM movement isn’t saying other people don’t have problems, but they are saying that the problem of black people routinely being treated poorly by some police officers is an emergency.

      1. words vs action, for example invariably the constitutions of the worst dictators promise the same rights as the US version, but never deliver them in practice

      2. Ruth, I never had been to the website. Thank you for the link; I visited. I clicked on a link titled “What We Believe” – it is here I’ll be honest – I was surprised. I didn’t expect to see so many references to LGBQT (I hope I got al the initials right – I’m an old fogey and I’m still getting used to the lingo). So, that was surprising, but other than that, it squared with what I expected it would say.

        Was there something on the website you thought someone like me should see, or something in particular that you want to bring to everyone’s attention? Thanks again for the link and if you want to elaborate on your thought, I’d certainly feel appreciative.

    1. Wrong. BLM is a marxist movement paid for by George Soros, a one time Nazi collaborator in WW II. You need to educate yourself.
      The Left will do ANYTHING to destroy President Trump. They tried lying about “Russian collusion” and when that fell through, they tried another tactic.

  9. Haven’t been here in a while. I like your stuff, but your “Catholic” weblinks could use some “conservative updating.” Fr. Z probably the only reliably orthodox site on the list.

    1. that’s a fair point, I haven’t looked at my list in a while, and Father Z not being on it is a complete oversight which I’ll correct later today.

      Hope you have a chance to catch my weekly radio show on WQPH 89.3 FM today at Noon EST called “Your Prayer Intentions”

  10. I would like to offer a fifth question, related to the third and fourth above:

    If you wish to #DefundThePolice because the institution is racist and disproportionately harms black young and old people, should you not also want to #DefundPlannedParenthood because it is a racist organization that disproportionately snuffs out unborn black lives? Don’t UNBORN black lives matter?

    1. The problem with that question is that while you and I know that unborn children are human beings they do not acknowledge this. The point of the questions is to play on their field.

      The irony that the only thing that killed Blacks under 20 more than other blacks is abortion. Margaret Sanger’s & the KKK would be proud

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