Government officials are picking and choosing which individuals get to exercise which rights

I’m living in midsized town called Webster Massachusetts.  Because of the Coronavirus lockdowns the Memorial Day parade was canceled in my town along with fireworks on July 4th.  The local high school canceled graduation.  Businesses were forced to close.  There are three Catholic Churches here, along with a Baptist Church, and several other denominations; all of which have not held services for months. While all of this was not going on a Black Lives Matter protest was held. 

I have no problem with the Black Lives Matter protest being held in my town even though I have many issues with the sponsoring organization, mainly their connection with many attacks on police officers, their anti police officer message, and their Marxist message.  I completely support their right to hold protests and to spread their message.  It bothers me greatly that all of us locals are denied so many of our most fundamental rights while an outside group was able to exercise their rights.

This type of injustice is going on all across this great nation.  Yes free speech and freedom to assemble are such fundamental rights that they are listed in the First Amendment.  The right of all of us to attend which ever church service we wish to as often as we wish is also listed in the First Amendment. 

The right of all of us to do as we please, to come and go as we please, to work where we please, and to run what type of business we want to are all covered under liberty. This most fundamental right is being denied to tens of millions across this nation.   Some individuals are allowed to come and go because they are deemed essential workers, and some businesses are allowed to open because they are classified as essential.  Far too often these classifications do not make sense.  They are made for political reasons.  Governments should never pick and choose winners and losers.  Liberty is a fundamental right that can only be denied to individuals who have been found guilty in a court of law

The Black Lives protests are welcomed by local and state officials.  Conservative groups in many states held protests against the unjust lockdowns.   Were these anti lockdown protests welcomed as warmly?  Were any conservative protests denied or harassed?  I haven’t heard of any instances of conservative permits being denied or harassment but I’m guessing they happened.  If you are aware of any please let me know in the comments.

These lockdowns are unjust along with the business closings.  It is wall past time to restore the liberty and rights of everyone in the United States by opening every state back fully.

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  1. We’re over here in glorious Melrose, where the mayor has decided the dog park won’t open because “if two dogs need to be separated, the owners can’t social distance.” I countered via the mayor’s FB and our city’s FB group that the mask is for when we can’t social distance. The governor made that clear months ago when he asked people to “wear masks outside when you can’t social distance.”

    Meanwhile, the dog park in Medford (about a mile or so from Melrose’s dog park) is open, as is Sheepfold in Saugus. The Melrose mayor opened the tennis courts weeks after the golf courses were opened (socioeconomically, that’s interesting, right?), but only half the nets were installed. Meanwhile, the skate park remains chained closed. Uh…what?

    I’ve informed our mayor that I’ll be spending money in Medford and Saugus when I take my dog to the dog park.

    You might be interested in my wife’s blog:

    Cheers and here’s to finally eating INSIDE a restaurant someday!

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